Advertising agency documents have different functions. They can be for tracking finances, explaining an agency's purpose, or even applying for an ad agency position. Regardless of their functions, these documents are essential for running the business. And if you want to save time in creating these statements, you can choose from our high-quality collection of ready-made Advertising Agency Statement Templates. These templates are 100% editable and printable. These documents are professionally written and prepared for you. What are you waiting for? Don't waste time! Download one of these templates today!

What Is an Advertising Agency Statement?

An advertising agency statement is a document that contains the financial performance of an ad agency. According to Chron, a company's financial conditions are crucial to its investors. On the other hand, a statement can also be a document for presenting the purpose of the ad agency's business.

How to Create an Advertising Agency Statement

Preparing and making any advertising agency statement doesn't need to be stressful. You can quickly create a statement for your agency with the help of the tips below.

1. Identify the Purpose

Since there are different types of statements for your ad agency, ensure that you specify what you need. Do you need to create an income statement, balance sheet, vision statement, statement of work, or others? Then, identify the types of information your statement needs before you start.

2. Add Your Agency Letterhead

To make any document professional, you must provide your agency's letterhead. A letterhead contains your agency's logo, name, contact details, website link, and address. A well-made letterhead showcases your credibility and professionalism as an advertising agency. Usually, letterheads are on the top part of your document.

3. Provide the Details

For financial statements, you need to check your bookkeeping record and get the financial details that you need. For other types of sheets like a statement of purpose, you must include your business's purpose and the benefits your clients will get from your services.

4. Keep Your Content Brief

When creating any statement for your ad agency, you have to ensure that the content is brief. This means you only have to include all the essential details. If your sheet's content contains sentences, ensure that they're readable and concise. The readability of your content is a crucial part since you're communicating with your readers.

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