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How to Write an Advertising Manager Job Description

A job description lets you point out all the crucial details about your advertising manager position. With the help of such a document, you can ensure that you attract the most qualified applicants for a specific work position (as Indeed explains in an article).

Preparing an advertising manager’s job description is simple enough. However, if you’re unfamiliar with how to do so, consider reading our tips below.

1. Create a Simple Title for Your Job Description

At the top of your page, enter a fairly informative title about your job description document. To do this, incorporate the complete name of the position, like “Sales Project Manager.” Be sure to make your title noticeable by writing it down in large bold font.

2. Provide Insight into Your Company and Managerial Position

Giving readers an appealing image of your company is integral to encouraging applications. Mention a few interesting facts about your company, such as its history and business philosophy. Additionally, enter another short paragraph that talks about your advertising manager position.

3. Your Advertising Manager’s Tasks and Compensation

For this part of your job description, you need two separate lists. In the first list, enter your advertising manager’s responsibilities—performance appraisal, project management, etc. In your second list, write down the job’s salary, benefits, and so on.

4. Application Requirements for Your Managerial Job

Put together a third list containing all of your manager position’s necessary qualifications, split into primary and secondary requirements. Along with that, explain how interested applicants can apply for the job and how they can reach your company.

Now that you’ve read all our tips, you’ll have no trouble drafting a well-written job description for an advertising manager! And feel free to use our Advertising Manager Job Description Templates to complement your content creation.

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