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How to Create Advertising Poster in Pages

Advertising in posters has been the norm since the 19th century. Posters are one of the most effective mediums for companies to promote their products. It's handy and catchy when posted in a highly-visible area. Right now, some poster ads are made in document applications such as Apple Pages.

If you need some tips in creating advertising posters in Apple Pages, read our tips below.

1. Think of a Concept

Every kind of food, drink, or event needs a creative design. With posters, people see and read your message and interpret it in various ways. Come up with a suitable concept for your product and think of how you can translate it in a poster template.

2. Create Illustration

Open a blank file in Apple Pages. Based on your concept, create an illustration that would best convey the message of your advertisement. Illustrations are powerful when you want to create a thought-provoking ad. You can also use photos of your products and put it at the center of your poster. Make sure that you always highlight the product since that's what people will spend their money for.

3. Write Content

Coming up with a catchy tagline is difficult. It needs a lot of thinking and revisions. Create a list of possible clever taglines for your advertisement and choose which one fits the most. Add other details, such as the contact information of the company.

4. Add Details

Always choose the right color for your poster. You can opt for the strong or dark ones depending on your concept. Add some graphic design elements and clean typography to get your message across easily.

5. Finalize Document

Check your document to see if there are a few missing details. If you think you've polished everything in your poster, you can print it right away.

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