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What Is an Advertising Resume?

A resume is defined as a formal document that contains a summary of an individual's education, skills, qualifications, and past occupation or internship experiences. This document is typically submitted with a job application in response to a job search listing. An advertising resume, on the other hand, has a more specific purpose wherein it is used to apply for a job at an advertising agency.

How to Create an Advertising Resume

A resume, along with its accompanying cover letter, should be created impressively in order for the candidate to have a greater chance of being contacted by the employer. To make sure that this happens to you, we've got a list of guidelines below to help you in creating an effective advertising resume.

1. Research about the company

The very first thing that you want and should do before you start writing your advertising resume is to actually have information about the company. In your research, look into the company's mission statement, their work ethics and style, and all the relevant details that determine if the job and company actually fit you. Taking these details into consideration can help you create a good and more personalized advertising resume.

2. Read about resumes and how they should be written

After gathering everything you need to know about the company you're applying to, you should also start reading about resumes in general. How will you be able to produce professional and effective resumes if you don't even know how they should be created? Regardless of how cool and creative your advertising resume looks, it'll still be considered ineffective and unprofessional if it doesn't comply with the standards.

3. Tailor your advertising resume specifically to the position

Aside from gathering information about the company in general, you should also obtain information about the position and tailor your resume to fit it. Although some of this information can already be read in the job search listings, companies usually don't provide everything there and leave it up to the aspirant to do their own research. Keywords to look after during this step include communication and/or organizational skills.

4. Observe the appropriate format when writing your advertising resume

If you think you're ready to start working on your advertising resume, go ahead and launch your preferred document processing application. With it, you can start writing the content of your resume including your educational attainment, a summary of your previous jobs (unless you're applying for an internship or you're fresh graduate), and other relevant information. When writing your resume's content, make sure to observe a professional and appropriate resume format.

5. Review your work and make revisions if needed

Make it a habit to review your work all over again most especially if you're trying to make an impression with what you're making. While experts would tell you to do this after adding the content, but it's actually better to do it while writing it. Nevertheless, just make sure to proofread your work and to make the necessary revisions before moving to the next step.

6. Submit your finished advertising resume

After you've written and proofread your advertising resume, you can either have it printed on paper or send it directly through email depending on the preference of the employer. Since most companies would require you to submit a cover letter along with your resume, make sure to have one ready that's also tailored specifically to the job you're applying to.

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