How to Create an Advisor Job Description in Google Docs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 271,700 personal financial advisors are currently in the market, while the job outlook is at about 7%. Considering those numbers, you can also expect other types of advisors to be just as high in demand. Being the first person to hire the best from these thousands of individuals is what will make your small business into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. So to help you, we prepared some tips below to act as your guide in creating an advisor job description that will gather the best men and women in the industry.

1. Create a Job Summary

An excellent job description has a job summary at the very top. Why? The reason for it being there is so that the applicant can read what the job is all about. This section contains a summary of the responsibilities and qualifications of the specified advisor to be hired. By making the summary, you are helping the applicant or the employee if he/she is up for the job.

2. Write Specific Responsibilities

Confusing and vague descriptions can destroy what you're trying to say. That's why you should clearly indicate the responsibilities of an advisor. Specify what it is that you want an advisor in your company to do. If you require an advisor that can act as an accountant at the same time, then make it clear by writing down the tasks that the applicant must be able to fulfill. By doing this, you can ensure that the resumes you'll be receiving are ones that contain the qualities of people who can do the tasks you've stated.

3. Establish Qualifications

Qualifications should be based on the standards of the position you wish to hire. Gather the best men and women in the market by creating criteria that they have to meet. Don't give people employment that they don't deserve. Establish what education, experiences, and even credentials the specific advisor position must have and write it all down in a sheet. That way, you can determine what qualifications you want to set in your job description.

4. Go Over the Job Description

Lastly, go over the job description to see if there's anything that you may have missed or any errors that you need to fix. It's important that you're able to put in everything that you're looking for in the specific type of advisor that you need. To guarantee that you didn't forget to include or fix anything, go over the job description twice before posting.

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