How to Create an Air Force Organizational Chart in PDF

Although one might say that a country's military branch's org charts, in this case, the Air Force, are long-established since its emergence to its service, one must take into account that change is still the only constant in the world. Considering that one military branch must recruit about 150,000 enlistees within a year, as per Military Times, multiple roles, duties, and responsibilities are bound to be refurbished. Lucky for you, we offer below a series of guidelines that may help you sort a newly updated Air Force Org Chart. Here's how:

1. Gather the Current List

Just like manning your platoon in a military formation, the first thing that you need to consider in creating your Air Force org chart is to gather up the current list of numbers in your military service branch. Upon collecting the list, you may choose to have it first in a separate blank sheet.

2. Sort Your Gathered List

Since org charts are meant to be organized in a hierarchical format, the next thing that you need to do after gathering the list of your current servicemen is to sort them according to their rank. In sorting them, see to it to have it in a mock draft. Then, clearly outline the chart's flow by interconnecting them from highest, up to the lowest.

3. Consider the Other Departments

Bear in mind that in military organization, positions don't only limit to the commanding officers, down to its private officers. There are still other departments that you have to include in your org chart creation. Departments such as healthcare dept, engineers, administrative, reserves, and human resources are also the sectors that you need to add. Additionally, don't forget to allocate a spot for recruits.

4. Grab a Layout App

Now that you already have the final list for your Air Force org chart content, you can now begin crafting it in a layout application. However, before you start your crafting stage, you have to pick first an app that would allow you to complete your chart. See to it that the app of your choice offers you the necessary tools that are vital in your org chart actualization.

5. Opt for Template Files

So that you can save yourself from the stress of creating one Air Force org chart back from square one, utilizing the advantage of pre-made templates as means of alternative is your best choice. For your convenience, we already sorted above a wide variety of sample chart template files that you can widely use.

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