Yearly, we are reminded of the events in our lives that matters truly. Whether celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary or 1st death anniversary of a loved one, recognizing these noteworthy events is a reminder to look back and remember. And most importantly, it also gathers loved ones altogether. That is why anniversaries will never be complete without an invite all along. To secure a card for your guest list, we have a selection of Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed Anniversary Invitation Templates in Illustrator. Aside from that, you can print these files in 4x6 inches and 5x7 inches + Bleed. Send a fancy card to the people close to you. Save the date and mark another year of celebration. Download a template now! 

How to Create an Anniversary Invitation in Illustrator

For everyone, anniversaries are no ordinary event. It’s a celebration that reminds us of something noteworthy and remarkable. Whether in wedding, death, or canonization, going back to date is a reminder to what truly matters. According to the 2014 data released by Statista, anniversaries are the topmost celebrated occasion with 87% of respondents. This analysis implies how people value recognizing special events that happened in their past. In this lifelong anniversary celebration, bringing all your loved ones in one place is a tradition. Excite your expected attendees by announcing through an anniversary invite. Get all the cards ready by following the list of tips below on how you can create an Anniversary Invitation in Illustrator.

1. Know the Purpose of Making One

Anniversary invitations function for so many purposes. And to make sure that you won’t be tangled with too much confusion, knowing the goal is essential. So, are you making an invitation for your parents’ wedding anniversary? Or it could be for someone’s 25th year serving the church? Provide a purposeful event invitation by gathering the details, such as the date, venue, and other messages all along.

2. Decide on the Right Theme

Choosing the appropriate theme comes next once you identify the purpose. So, achieve a successful party by knowing what the theme would be. It could be a rustic, modern, or elegant anniversary party. Don’t know exactly what to choose? Then, think of something doable and manageable for your time. Also, your party invitation must complement well with the decors.

3. Pick an Invitation Template

Now for your visuals, avoiding time constraints is achievable with a readily-designed template. Having a layout that you can easily customize can be done by downloading a ready-made template. To do this, you can browse from our selections of Ready-Made Anniversary Invitation Templates. Choose what’s exactly appropriate for your theme. And you get the freedom of editing it in Illustrator by dragging the template into a new window. Now, customize your document.

4. Incorporate the Details and Design Elements

Inform who’s on your guest list by adding the exact details for your celebration. Generally, you’ll need to uncover what’s brewing for the guests to experience. In your invitation, you should follow the 3W’s rule; what, when, and where. In inputting the place, be clear where exactly it will be. Not all may be familiar with the place. As for the date, do include the exact time the gate opens. Other than that, you may also add a message for the dress code, or what to bring. For the designs, matching your card’s look with your party decorations is necessary. So, you’ll have to do a little tweaking. Start with adjusting the layout. Make spaces and observe margins. Next, ensure that the font style and size is readable enough. And lastly, add design elements that create sparks and excitements.

5. Review and Hand Them Over

For the last step, it is vital to go over your invitation card. You need to make sure that all details are jotted down. Next, ensure that it will not create any further confusion. Once you are done, prepare your file for printing. Make sure to insert individual cards in an envelope to present formality. Now, begin to hand them over.

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