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How to Create an Annual Calendar in Apple Pages

Calendars remind us of the date for today and the fact that time goes by. Aside from that, having a calendar allows us to identify a certain date for a particular milestone or moment in history. If you need to make an annual calendar in Apple Pages for whatever purpose, read our tips below.

1. Remember Your Appointments

Write down your appointments on paper, so you won't forget them. Take note of the location and time of the appointment as well. Remembering your appointments keeps you on track of what you need to do.

2. Plan Goals

It's always better to spend every year of your life with a goal. Plan your goals ahead of time and set a schedule for each one. You can also make advanced plans for occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or even a week-long vacation.

3. Set Up the Calendar

Open your Apple Pages application and click on the New Document. Create a table with seven columns for the seven days of the week and five rows for the dates of each month. Don't forget to add an extra day in February if it's a leap year. This may take a lot of time, but setting up the calendar is worth it.

4. Personalize the Calendar

Incorporate some graphic elements on your calendar. Add it with colors that suit your taste. Aside from that, you can leave huge spaces below your calendar for writing some notes. Upon printing the calendar, you can use it along with your planner or bullet journal.

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