How to Make an App Flowchart In Google Docs

Did you know that flowcharts are essential in developing a software application? According to a website called Inc., flowcharts detail a project's sequential steps needed to provide an output, wherein it virtually documents the movement of materials, information, and tasks made to reach its expected output.

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1. Determine the Objectives of Your Application

What application are you trying to launch? Is it a simple mobile application or a sophisticated operating system? In developing a software app, it is crucial to determine your objectives. Ask yourself, "what information are you trying to convey to your end-users?" Describe how your end-users may visit your mobile app or website.

2. Design and Organize the Structure of Your Application

Next is to plan the wireframes and designs for your application. What type of software language do you plan on using for your application? Java? C++? Indicate it in your project plan, then assign members who shall perform each task for the project.

3. Map Out the Workflow of Your Task

Now that you have a good idea of the process in developing your application, its time to map out the workflow of each task. Specify the actions and decisions needed finalizing during the development, testing, and launching stage of your application.

4. Review and Finalize Your Flowchart

Always remember to review the content of your flowchart. Remove all loopholes found in your document, finalize your diagram, then you may proceed with the development stage of your application.

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