App Proposals Templates

Be Equipped with a Document That Eloquently Pitches Your Software Development and Design, from the Business to Legal Aspects. Check Out for Free App Proposal Templates, Available in Contract, Request for Quotation, Project Research Proposal, and Other Proposal Document Formats. All These Templates Are Fully Customizable and Specifically Curated to Your and Your Prospects' App Development Needs. See more

Smartphones have come a long way since their public debut. These days, a standard modern smartphone can do so much beyond long-distance communication—such as stream live videos, navigate the world, play triple-A-quality games, and a whole lot more. However, for the everyday user to take advantage of their device, they need to install the right applications (often shortened to “apps”). If you’d like to pitch an app of your own to prospective partners, then you’ll need to put together a comprehensive proposal document.

When pitching your idea for app development, a proposal helps outline all the necessary details for your idea. When composing your document, you should always provide a cover page for a bit of presentation; this page contains your company name, proposal title, writer name, and document date. Moving on to the main body of your proposal, there are several sections you need: an executive summary, scope of work, objectives, benefits, timeline, action plan, pricing, and terms & conditions. If you’re unfamiliar with writing a proposal, consider downloading our App Proposal Templates.

Whether your mobile app functions for wellness, e-commerce, music, or social media, we have templates that are right for you. Not only will you save time and money with our premium samples, but your app proposal will look top-notch without compromise. We offer proposal designs featuring ready-made text, pictures, and more. Plus, our samples are compatible with various applications (including Apple Pages and Microsoft Word). So, download now and compose a professional business proposal for your app.