Architects are crucial when it comes to constructing houses, offices, and other kinds of infrastructures. Whether you’re a construction/architecture firm looking for workers or someone planning out their own building project, you want to hire the right professionals for the job. So, you want to make sure your job listings and such are accurate to what you need. Not sure how to get started? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our Architect Job Description Templates! Expedite and streamline your recruitment program with our easily editable samples, compatible with a variety of editing software; printable in either A4 or US letter sizes. List down responsibilities and qualifications in no time with our 100% customizable content!

How to Make an Architect Job Description

An architect possesses the right kind of skills and expertise when it comes to designing a well-planned structure, making them integral to all kinds of construction projects. However, you’ll want to ensure that you’re employing someone truly qualified for such responsibilities, which means putting together a properly written job description.

As explained on a page from, a job description should contain a summary that points out the various responsibilities and perks/benefits that come with a job position. Composing one can take a fair of time, but we can help speed things up with our tips just below!

1. Provide the Full Job Name in the Title

With your chosen editing software, open a file/template to write your job description. To start off, give the position’s official name in the job description’s main header or title. Since an architect can be assigned to a number of different positions that relate to their field, it’s best to clarify the exact job you need fulfilling.

2. Define the Position and Give Some Background Information

Beyond the header/title, you’ll want to further inform interested candidates about what the job holds. So give a concise definition of the position, being informative enough for the reader to get the gist of it.

In addition to that, you should also talk a bit about your company (or yourself, if you’re an independent employer).

3. Disclose Responsibilities and Compensation

Your job description also needs to provide an exact list of duties and legalities that come with the position; give a concise explanation of each point. Don’t forget to include the different benefits and compensation that applicants can expect if they’re to be hired.

4. The Qualifications

Another list to put together is that of the requirements that candidates need if they want to qualify for the job. To ensure clarity, segregate the minimum qualifications from the optimal/ideal ones into two sublists.

Incorporate our ready-made Architect Job Description Templates and quickly find the right people for residential, industrial, and other kinds of building projects!

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