How to Make an Architect Job Description in Google Docs

According to the survey conducted by NCARB, the US has about 109,748 registered architects. This number will continue to grow as time passes, meaning that there will be competition between firms on who gets the best ones. For that reason, many of them seek applicants that they think can exceed expectations and bring them to success. But how can that be done? To help you, we have provided a list below that contains tips in creating an Architect Job Description in Google Docs.

1. Analyze What Your Organization Needs

Are you looking for a junior architect? Or an assistant for a design internship? Consider what it is that your firm is lacking so that you'll have a good idea of who you need to hire. Once you've figured it out, do your research and create a list of the positions you need and what their qualifications are.

2. Specify the Job Title and Make an Eye-Grabbing Summary

When writing the job title, do not use generic ones. Be sure to specify the specific architectural position that you are looking for when creating the job description. Also, you will need to include a strong and intriguing job summary that will help applicants know what it is that you'd want to see in their resumes and cover letters. Specify what it is that y

3. List the Duties and Responsibilities

Write a detailed but concise list of architecture duties that are related to the position you wish to hire. In addition, allow the candidates to know the nature of the job they are applying for. With that said, outline the daily activities that they must be able to do. Be sure that you are able to enumerate each one via bullets or numbers.

4. Point Out What's Needed

Of course, don’t forget to insert the list of qualifications, such as the certifications, job experiences, and education into your job description. Keep the list brief and make sure that whatever you've included is something that the position requires. Again, this is where you'll need to do research so that you can list down the right requirements.

5. Review and Post It

Always take time to go through the document before printing. Check for grammatical and format issues. Once everything is in order, then you may go ahead and post the job description wherever you think it will catch the eye of interested applicants.

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