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How to Create an Assistant Resume in Apple Pages

Yes, you already decided to apply as an assistant, knowing that there are a lot of job vacancies for this said position. But, the question here is, can you spark the interest of your future employer of hiring you to their company? Here's an eye-opener fact for you; a regular hiring officer would less likely spend 60 seconds to scan one resume; this is according to a published article by The Motley Fool.

So, do you want to achieve a smooth and effective resume creation for your upcoming job application? If yes, then our simple guidelines below can help you get started.

1. Study your Desired Job

Remember that you're not the only one who vies for the job position—considering the tight competition for the position as an assistant. With this, it is your prime initiative to outsmart your competitors by evaluating your strengths and weakness for the job through a job description. Whether you want to be an administrative assistant, office assistant, medical support assistant, or executive assistant, you need to know your edge and your winning advantages for you to secure the job efficiently.

2. Select a Resume Format

There are several types of resume formats that you can choose to have in your document. With compositions such as a chronological resume, functional, combination, and targeted, you need to select the best resume format that you can have in your assistant resume's structure. Additionally, you should also determine if you want to have a two-page or one-page resume.

3. Sort your Vying Credentials

This process serves as the core of your resume creation. Although this process would only take you a matter of time, still you need to be careful in terms of gathering your credential's details. After you've read the job description for an assistant, you can now begin collecting the relevant credential that would qualify you for the said position. You can start it by writing your basic personal info, followed by educational background, and then your work experiences. Categorize them first using a separate sheet, or checklist, so that it would be easy for you to transfer them digitally.

4. Layout your Resume Using an App

Creating a resume document is not like a written essay wherein you have to craft it hand-written; unless you want it, which is unacceptable, and it makes you look sloppy and unprofessional. With this, you need to write your assistant resume in a software application that can cater to letter documents. If you're writing it using a Windows device, your best pick is utilizing Microsoft Word in your resume layout. On the other hand, in an Apple device, you can resort to the Apple Pages app.

5. Create a Formal Cover Letter

Although some companies nowadays don't require a cover letter anymore, still, you must consider creating one, especially if you're writing an entry-level resume. If you don't have any idea on how to craft one, you can freely refer to our available sample cover letter templates.

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