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What is an Associate Resume

Associate jobs are expected to grow by 10% between 2012 and 2022. For all professions, this is about as quickly as the average. Work opportunities for associates are traditionally growing alongside the economy and are anticipated to continue in the coming years. Applying for an associate job role is somewhat an entry-level for fresh graduates. In the corporate industry, having an associate prefix on the job descriptions, job title basically means having a lower rank than the similar job title without the prefix. The word “associate” can also mean as a qualifier or junior to a job title. For example, a Clinical Research Associate is a junior version of the senior-level job title Clinical Researcher. An "associate" also indicates that an employee can be promoted to something more comprehensive from an associate level.

How to Write an Associate Resume

Your associate resume gives you the opportunity to prove your capability to sell yourself to employers. In this article, we are going to teach you all the things you need to know that should be written on your own associate resume.

1. Associate Resume Summary

Craft a highly persuasive and compelling resume summary. Think of it as a sales pitch and clearly state the position you want to apply for. Pack a punch and entice employers to read on by incorporating your strengths and skills. For instance, discuss how your abilities can help the company's vision by connecting your abilities to your (job title) and employers needs.

2. Education

Write on your associate resume the highest education attainment you have. Write the name of the degree, the year you graduated, the name of the education institution, and the city or state of the institution. Applying for an associate position does not necessarily need a college degree(bachelor's degree). List down the years you attended college and list your high school credentials if you are still an undergraduate. After getting your degree, you can stop writing your high school education.

3. Work Experience

List your work experience in a chronological format. State your position, past employer, date ranges, and relevant accomplishments. If you do not have any paid work experience, you can write experiences that allowed you to gain sales skills. Always use action verbs in your work experience section. Some good action verbs are sell, market, advertise, merchandise.

4. Skills

List your skills by order of importance and its applicability to that certain associate position. Always list first hard skills pertaining to sales and marketing then followed by soft skills. For example, you are applying for a job a sales associate, then you will need to have communication and customer service skills. Rake through hiring descriptions of the company to determine what skills from the applicant they are looking for. Do not lie about your skills. Write only the skills you think you possess.

5. References

References should not be included in your associate resume unless your reference is an industry expert. Hiring managers agree that references should not be put on a professional resume. The general consensus in the industry is to provide references upon request. If you are requested to provide a reference, be sure to get their permission beforehand.

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