How to Create an Attendance Sheet in Google Sheets

An attendance sheet is an official document that lists the name of the students or employees who attend the meeting, the class, the course, etc. The attendance sheet is perfect for monitoring purposes, especially when you are to assess the productivity rate of your employees or manage the participation of your students in the class. This document can record the data about the training or board meeting on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis efficiently.

To help you create an attendance sheet using our ready-made attendance sheet templates in Google Sheets, try to take a look at the steps provided for you below.

1. Choose an Attendance Sheet Template

From a wide selection of sheet templates that you can find at, choose the one that best serves your purpose and interest. From the list of templates, you can freely download the company attendance sheet, monthly attendance sheet, employee attendance sheet, and many more for free. Check them out and pick yours to edit and customize.

2. Edit the Information Online in Google Sheet

One of the best things about these sheet templates is it can be edited and personalized freely to your convenience. These templates are professionally-drafted with preformatted content that you can either use to your advantage or change to more appropriate information. Don’t miss the chance to edit the templates using Google Sheets. We promise that it’s 100% easy, fast, and reliable. It saves you from hassle and stress of making one from scratch.

3. Make the Necessary Corrections

One way to achieve perfection is to check the assessment sheets regularly. Identify if there are errors like misspelled names and inaccurate data. Make necessary changes then, and always be open to corrections. You may want to do it by yourself or by someone else for better results.

4. Downloaded the Edited Attendance Sheet Template

When we speak of Google Sheets, it’s an online spreadsheet app that allows you to edit, modify, and create a document like a timesheet with other people. It will create a good impression if you are transparent with the data, the time, the productivity, and even the plans for the business or company. The document can be shared through their email or Google accounts to participate in the editing process. Hence, when the team is already finished with the editing part, you can download the accomplished attendance sheet.

5. Print or Save

There are two ways to secure copies of the personalized attendance sheets. You either print it or save it to your personal computer and any device. However, printing the downloaded file is an ideal one, especially when a supervisor, an employer, a teacher, or a principal requires you to submit the printed copy of the attendance sheet or sign-in sheet.

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