If you are an owner of any service-oriented business, you probably are looking to hire attendants. Whether they are flight attendants or spa attendants, the hiring process is all the same. Once you have accepted their application at your company, you will have to write them their job description, which informs them of their primary duties. Writing a job description can take a bit of time to write. However, if you are in a hurry, you can always turn to our website. We can provide you with a wide selection of original, ready-made, editable job description templates that are made by professionals. You can download them instantly, and they will save you money because they are for free!

How to Write an Attendant's Job Description

When you have determined that you want to hire an applicant, one of the immediate steps is writing them the job description. It will serve as a formal document that confirms that the said applicant is now part of your company, part of your team, and family. The job description will contain several crucial information about the newly hired attendant. Write them a well-composed job description. You can follow the steps below.

1. Write the Specific Job Title

Just like how applicants would specify their qualifications in their resume templates. You should also specify the job title of which your applicant hired. Doing this will help you avoid complications later.

In some cases, there are positions in companies that might generally sound similar but are entirely different when it comes to their intended function. The specific wording of the job title can go a long way. Try to determine where this portion of the document, could be best written.

2. Write a Captivating Job Summary

Give your newly hired attendant an idea of what your company is about by writing the job summary. This section of the job description should contain information about what kind of company you are running; you can also let your new attendant about your company's achievements that were recognized by the broader community.

It would be helpful that this portion of the job description, be written in a way that would grab attention. You can look for letter templates that would serve as a reference. Try using strong words to encourage your new attendant to their best in their new job.

3. Write an Outline of Duties and Responsibilities

It could be said that this part of the job description is the most important. It contains details such as the monthly salary of the new attendant, the work hours as well as the workdays. Of course, this also has the outline of the typical duties of attendants like the general and routine maintenance of the workplace, responding to customer inquiries. There is also assisting and supporting other staff.

Outline of duties will vary depending on the establishment you have. If you are running a hotel, your service attendant could be doing housekeeping, or they could be serving as a lobby attendant. If you own a bar, they would be serving food and beverages. This portion helps to guide your new attendants towards the duty assigned to them.

4. Write Additional Set of Skills

This part of the job description is optional. However, including this could encourage your new attendant to learn new skills. You can inform your new attendant about the skills they could gain by using a checklist template. There is always room for growth. If the new attendants could are convinced to learn new skills, this will not only lead to their growth as an individual, the team as a whole will experience growth as well. And this will ultimately lead to the growth of your company.

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