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What is an Automotive Brochure?

An automotive brochure is a marketing material used by car dealers, car manufacturers, and businessmen to display cars, car services, car detailing, etc. These marketing brochures consist of car photos, informative content regarding automobiles, along with the business' information background.

How to Make a Marketable Automotive Brochure?

A marketable automotive brochure can be a company or business's greatest asset. Advertising brochures in general work in promoting goods or services, they can provide more information compared to a poster or a flyer. Maximize your automotive brochure's potential with these essential tips.

1. Choose an Appropriate Brochure Size and Format

Choosing the right modern brochure size is the first step while making a marketable brochure template. For the format, you can choose between a bi-fold brochure template and a tri-fold brochure template. As for the sizes, there are five standard sizes, but the most commonly used size is 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches. Take into consideration the amount of content that you would want to place in your brochure template.

2. Make a Striking Cover Page

The cover page is the very first thing passersby will notice in your brochure, and this is your opportunity to get noticed. Choose a beautiful photo to put at the front of your brochure design. Formulate a compelling sentence to use as your headline. Tie it up to a benefit or, more likely, provide a solution to make your sample brochure more tempting. People will go for what seems to sound beneficial to them the most, so use this to your advantage.

3. Use a Strategic Layout

Select a layout for your car brochure that allows you to organize all the information you want to include more effectively. You can use shapes or boxes to group your content by category. You can also take advantage of negative space to make the layout neater and organized since this space allows the distinction between the texts and the designs.

4. Maintain a Smooth Flow of Information

Communicate more effectively to your potential customers and clients by maintaining a smooth flow of information. Make sure that your professional brochure content is relevant and connected. You can also start with an overview of the business's background then narrow to the offer, then end with testimonials or call-to-action.

5. Include Visually-Pleasant Photos

People are always more attracted to something that can stimulate the sense of sight. Pick photos with high-definition colors to set a vibrant looking printable brochure template. Also, take note to choose pictures with more depth or photos that are in action. Use royalty-free graphics and images for your brochure design.

6. Add a Call to Action

Adding a Call-to-Action is the most important part of a brochure. A promotional or commercial brochure should always provide convenient means as to how people can reach back to them. Provide updated and working contact numbers. You can also mention your social media links, as this is another convenient method of communication.

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