According to Bank L List USA, the United States has around 74 national banks in 2020, with JPMorgan Chase being the largest one. By national bank, this refers to those that have fully complied with the government’s policies. Here, we have an entire collection of Bank Organizational Chart Templates in Google Docs to help you visualize your bank’s structure. Without starting from scratch, you can create an impressive and informative diagram by taking advantage of high-quality and 100% customizable elements. Even if you’re simply updating an existing organizational chart, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our ready-made templates!

How to Structure a Bank Organizational Chart in Google Docs

According to Hyperfish, both large and small business entities can benefit from organizational charts. Indeed, these basic diagrams have proven themselves worthy even in the world of banking. If you’re looking for guidelines to help you make an organizational chart for your bank, then look no further. Check out the list below, it’ll provide you with everything you need.

1. Understand the Bank’s Structure

Understanding the bank’s organizational structure is a must when creating an organizational chart. Why? It’s where the chart is based on. A standard organizational chart is basically an illustration of the structure. This will provide you with details about the hierarchies and different departments of the bank.

2. Choose a Type that Best Represents Your Organization

This should come after understanding the structure, and you probably already know why. By this time, you now have a clearer picture of the bank and its employees. And because organizational charts come in various types, you should refer to your understanding of the structure to choose a type that best represents it.

3. Specify Titles or Positions and Relationships

When adding the content of your company organizational chart, you shouldn’t just settle with writing the employee’s names. Make sure to also include their respective positions or full titles. And for the relationships, make it distinguishable by using solid lines (direct relationship) and broken lines (indirect relationship).

4. Keep Everything Together on One Page

As much as possible, keep your chart’s contents on one page only. If you feel like the bank’s structure is too big, then simply make the necessary adjustments to the layout. You can either rearrange the details or resize them, what’s important is that your organizational chart doesn’t go over one page.

5. Add Visual Enhancements to the Chart

Just because people see banks as formal entities, it doesn’t mean you should shy away from adding visuals to your presentation. One way to draw people’s attention towards your organizational chart is by adding simple colors and graphics. However, use colors sparingly to keep audiences focused on the chart’s important details.

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