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What Is a Banner Ads?

A banner ad is a form of advertisement that's popular in the World Wide Web, thus also known as a web banner ad. Banner ads as online advertising require embedding an advertisement into a web page. When a webpage uses a banner ad, a server will deliver it. Magazines also use banner ads in a small or rectangular box, bar, or column. The purpose of a banner ad is to advertise brands or get views by directing visitors from a host site.

How to Make a Banner Advertisement in Microsoft Office Word

When you are working on a banner template for the webpage, you are making something that frustrates many. Surely, you have known someone who doesn't like clicking ads. In fact, some applications get rid of the advertisement from a website. All this is a challenge that you will face as you make a banner ad. What will a business do? The secret is to make the banner ad alluring to customers. You don't need to be an expert in all aspects of marketing. Because with a few numbers of steps, you can make a banner ad that will compel to your target market. Here are the steps in making a banner in Word. We made sure these steps are simple and easy to follow. Here they are.

1. Pick a Banner Ad Size

Working on a banner ad, you should know that you will be working in a spacious or tight room. A banner ad's size ranges from the leaderboard, half page, large rectangular, medium rectangular, and large mobile banner.

2. Know two Bs and one C

To unleash the full potential of your banner ad and to convince a potential customer to click on it. You must know the two Bs and 1 C. Two Bs mean brand and buzz. You must incorporate your business's brand on the add like including the logo of the company. Second B stands for the buzz. This part requires providing the banner ad with words that will stand out and gets people interest. An effective buzz locks the eye of your potential customer. In doing so, try using the most popular buzz words like "free trial" or "limited time offer." Lastly, the remaining C stands for call-to-action (CTA). CTA will make sense of urgency on the audience and reinforce the buzz.

3. Make a Draft of the Banner Ad

Keep a simple banner. When it becomes overwhelming, it tends to screw up the banner ad. Remember you are working on a limited space page and you must make everything counts. You want your banner ad to be clean, simple, and understandable. Your next move is to make a draft of the banner ad. Some designers do not consider making a draft. They do the trial and error while they are working on the actual banner ad.

4. Launch MS Work on Your Desktop

It is important to use the right to do a project like this. Luckily, there are effective tools that can help us make a banner ad. The most familiar word processing application is Microsoft Word, which is favorably an editor to your banner ad. Open Microsoft Office Word on your desktop. Wait for the app to load entirely and work on a new document.

5. Use a Banner Template

To finish your task extra fast use a creative banner template. Several sources on the internet can provide a good template. Make sure to get a template from a reliable source. When you have settled with a banner template, start filling it in. Go back to your draft; it will be your guide. Finish off the banner and do a test then tweak if needed.