How to Make a Baseball Ticket in Illustrator

In the summer of 1839, a man named Abner Doubleday invented the sport baseball. Until today, a lot of people still play this. According to The Harris Poll, 16% of Americans said that baseball is their favorite sport. Although baseball is only second to America's first favorite, which is pro football, a lot of people still watch and play it. So, this is a positive piece of information for you, especially if you have an upcoming baseball event, since a lot of people like that sport. But, this doesn't mean you can quickly sell baseball tickets without making them attractive. You have to note that eye-catching editable tickets can generate bigger sales.

To help you, here are some tips on how to make baseball tickets:

1. Make the Design Relevant to Baseball

One of the most important steps in making an event ticket is to keep it relevant to the event. Since you're making a baseball ticket, you have to make sure that the designs you're going to use are baseball-related. With this, people can easily note that the ticket is about baseball. Remember, designs are part of communicating with your audience. For that, you can add images like a baseball player (e.g., someone who's baseball pitching), a stadium, a baseball icon, or a cartoon vector image of baseball equipment. The decision is all yours to make.

2. Apply Colors

Use colors to make the modern ticket inviting. A well-colored ticket is better than a ticket without any color. Undeniably, colors will make your sports ticket look better. They will add life to the ticket, making it look attractive. You can choose to limit the colors on the ticket to three so that it'll look neat. Using too many colors can make your ticket less attractive, and we don't want that. To add, you can put the color signature of the teams who are going to play, for instance. This can make people identify the teams who are going to play easily.

3. Highlight the Baseball Event Name

People should know what they're heading to. For that, you have to write the name of the event. The event title should be bold and should be more obvious than any information on the printable ticket. With this, people will know what kind of event they're going to. Also, when they glance at the ticket, they'll know what the event is all about.

4. Only Apply the Relevant Information

Given that a sports ticket doesn't have a big space, it's important only to include little information. These little details should only be the vital ones. You have to put the time, date, and location of the event. To add, you can also apply the number of the seat, section, and row on the ticket to remind the audience where they're going to sit. Also, you have to have a list of the number of tickets you're going to allocate. So, you have to put specific numbers on the ticket. Lastly, don't forget to input how many people a single ticket can admit. In addition, you also have to use readable typographies so that your audience can easily read the information. Don't use overly artistic typographies that are hard to understand. Your audience's convenience should be your first priority.

5. Pick a Baseball Ticket Template

If you want to speed up the process of making your baseball ticket, there's always an alternative. The alternative is using a template. There are a lot of ticket templates you can choose from. You can choose a baseball raffle ticket template or an event baseball ticket template. You can also try to download a baseball flyer template to advertise your event, too. Next, after you've chosen a template, you can start personalizing it in Adobe Illustrator. After that, you can now start selling your baseball tickets.

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