A business's cash flow always starts with an invoice. Want to know why? It is because an invoice prompts payments from customers to pay their dues. Without an invoice, your clients will not be notified of the money they owe your business. So if you want to generate profit from the products and services you offer, make an invoice. Here is a Basic Invoice Template straight from our market place. This invoice template is suitable for any company because it is customizable, easily editable, professionally designed, downloadable, high-quality, and printable. Start bringing the goods in your company with this ready-made template. 

How to Make a Basic Invoice in Microsoft Office Excel

Many had changed in the business industry over the years. One of the changes that greatly affect the industry is the shift to electronic transactions. Many have known the emails as the pioneer electronic business transactions. After that, invoices became another tool that is transacted using electronic processes. According to Forbes magazine, it will highly benefit a business if it uses electronics to transact businesses. If you want to start your business transaction through an invoice, here are tips you can simply follow in making a basic invoice in M.S. Excel.

1. Know the Basics

There are a few things you need to know when it comes to an invoice. Before starting the actual invoice, make sure you have a plan. The plan must include how you will finish the invoice. Also, do not forget to list down the things you need to put in your invoices, such as the business name, contact information, and invoice number. Without these elements, your invoice is incomplete.

2. Provide Payment Terms

The payment from your clients will rely on the type of payment method your business use. Before providing the payment terms, be clear with the type of payment terms you will use. After that, you can continue and start with the content of the simple invoice.

3. Include Product or Service Details

If you want to avoid confusing your clients about their payments, make sure you have all these covered: description, quantity, rate, amount, and subtotal of the product and services. A useful sample invoice is a complete invoice. So do not miss all the relevant information.

4. Make It Professional Looking

You only need a few things if you want to make your invoice professional looking. First, use simple fonts. Do not use novelty fonts, and it will make the service invoice not good to look at. Then, make sure the format of the invoice is right. If you want a reference for a business invoice, you can look it up on the internet.

5. Add Notes

Composing a note for your client can make the business invoice paid faster. That is why you have to make it more personal. More so, you can include other relevant instructions, information, or details in the invoice.

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