Bathrooms are moist, so it's easy for molds and other germs to thrive. Because of this, and the fact that people often go to the bathroom to do their business, it's essential to have a cleaning routine to keep the room germ-free and to avoid people from getting sick. Having a hard time implementing a daily or weekly cleaning schedule in your home, restaurant, or other establishments? Check out our Bathroom Cleaning Schedule Templates in Google Docs. These high-quality and professionally made templates will serve as a reminder of who is scheduled to clean the bathroom for the day and what sort of cleaning does he or she needs to do. Plus, they're customizable and printable in A4 and US Letter sizes. So hit that download button now!

How to Create a Bathroom Cleaning Schedule in Google Docs

According to Live Science, people bring in an average of 500,000 bacteria cells per square inch on bathroom surfaces. This tells you how important it is to maintain cleanliness in your bathroom. And to do that, you should have a cleaning schedule.

The following is a guide that will help you create a bathroom cleaning schedule in Google Docs.

1. Determine the Tasks

For you to create a functional cleaning schedule, determine and list down the tasks first. Your list could include cleaning the toilet bowl, scrubbing the floor and wall, and wiping the mirrors. Keep your words short and to the point.

2. List Down the Names of the Assigned Individuals

After listing down the tasks, list down the names of individuals that will be cleaning the bathroom. Also, see to it that the date and time assigned to them fit their schedule.

3. Create a Table and Supply the Data

Now that you have all the data you need, it's time to form your timetable! Add enough rows and columns, and see to it that there's enough space for each cell so there's plenty of room for you to write on. Use the first row for your labels, and write it in uppercase. Also, add color to your table so it doesn't look dry and boring.

4. Review and Print the Final Output

Finally, review your finished bathroom cleaning schedule. Are all the names correctly spelled? Are the tasks clear enough? Once you're satisfied, print and post it on the bathroom and save a digital copy so the assigned individuals can take a look at it all the time.

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