Whether you're celebrating birthdays, graduations, retirement, or weddings, a front yard or backyard bbq party will always be the best! It's fun, easy, and oozingly delicious. It's the perfect way to spend time with your family and friends during lunch or dinner. And what better way to excite everyone about the party than by sending them barbecue tickets to make your bbq party invitation fun and unique. Good news! We offer a selection of high-quality and enticing BBQ Ticket Templates! They're editable and fully customizable in Adobe Illustrator and downloadable and printable in 2x5.5 and 5.5x2 inches with Bleed sizes. Download now to easily and quickly craft a well-designed barbecue ticket today!

How To Make A BBQ Ticket In Adobe Illustrator

According to Live Science, barbecue began when our human ancestor (the Homo erectus) cooked meat using fire about 1.8 million years ago. And up until now, barbecue has been the go-to food for many, especially during summer. Are you hosting a barbecue party? Then, that means you need invitations for your guests. And to make your invitation unique, why don't you use bbq tickets instead?

Follow the guide below to create an enticing bbq ticket for your upcoming party.

1. Highlight the Event Title

The first thing that your guests should see when they receive the ticket must be the title of your event. To do that, use a different font style, make the font bold, and enlarge the text. Remember, the key to highlighting your event title will rely on your typography.

2. Supply all the Details

Of course, all the questions of your guests must be answered by your ticket. That's why you need to make sure that you list down all the essential details about the party. And that includes the purpose of the event, the host, the time and date, and the location.

3. Incorporate Images and Illustrations related to BBQs

Your event ticket must be captivating enough to attract and excite your guests. And to achieve that, you must incorporate high-quality images or illustrations that are related to bbq. Take note, images in small file sizes often turn out pixelated, especially if you enlarge them, so it's best to use images in large file sizes.

4. Print in a Thick Card Stock

The quality of your invitation ticket doesn't only depend on how well did you design it, but it also depends on the material you use. So, print this on a thick card stock to avoid compromising its quality and wear and tear.

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