How to Create a Beauty Gift Voucher

As patrons, we have received gift vouchers before. We often wondered if the voucher is good for the business itself, considering its discounted products or services. Well, if you have worked in Sales and Marketing before, you would know that it benefits the business more. Customers are attracted to discounted products or services. This fact alone can attract more customers than ever. But, before giving out gift vouchers, you have to make sure that it is within the budget to prevent a shortage.

We want to help you make your very own gift voucher. That's why we have compiled very helpful tips in creating your blank voucher:

1. Check Your Budget

As we have mentioned before, check your available budget first before offering gift vouchers. This is to prevent a monetary shortage in the future. You may consult with the Accounting department regarding your budget. Once the budget is sufficient, you may proceed to the next step.

2. Add Your Voucher's Content

Your voucher's content should include details such as the store name, store hours, address, and contact info. In case customers have additional questions, they can inquire through the contact info. Indicate the percentage of discount you are offering to your patrons.

3. Be Transparent

It pays to be transparent. If your gift voucher is only applicable to certain branches, state it. Also, emphasize the expiration date or expiry in your printable voucher. If you are not transparent about these, it will only create distrust among your patrons. This should be printed in large fonts and in bold. Disappointing your patrons should not be on your list.

4. Imagery Is Key

The focal point of your sample voucher should be the discounted product or the service you offer. This will give your patrons an idea of what you are offering at first glance. Try to provide positive images because these are contagious. You may get images from royalty-free images that offer these. Or, if you really want to be specific, you can ask for help from a professional photographer.

5. Let It Be Known

Advertise that you are offering editable vouchers in your store. You may advertise it through social media, email newsletters, and many more. Include store hours in your advertisement so they would know when to avail it. Your vouchers would be of no use if you cannot inform your patrons about it.

6. Design With Gusto

What looks good to you will look good to your patrons. Keep your patrons in mind when designing your simple voucher. Put yourself in their shoes. Design with gusto if you want the voucher to appeal to your patrons. A voucher with a compelling design can be hard to ignore.

After creating the voucher, print it. Use a material that is non-flimsy so that your patrons are encouraged to use it. Exert effort in making your voucher. Feel free to use our templates for the smooth-making of your vouchers. Our voucher templates are yours to keep forever once downloaded.

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