How To Create a Beauty Salon Brochure Templates in Microsoft Publisher

The beauty salon industry is booming, which means there's plenty of opportunities. But with over 82,000 beauty salons nationwide, according to The Small Business Development Center Network (SBDCNet), there's plenty of competition too. For you to get on top of the competition, you don't just settle with posters and promotional flyers to reach out to a lot of customers. You also need to use brochures as part of your marketing strategy. Because with marketing brochures, you get to advertise your business and detail the beauty services you offer.

Now, the people's impression of your beauty salon would depend on the quality and uniqueness of your brochure design, so you need to create a high-functional pamphlet to attract more customers to come and visit your place. Provided below is a guide you can use to help you create an enticing beauty salon brochure templates in Microsoft Publisher.

1. Choose your Desired Brochure Size and Folding Style

Understandably, you need to decide on a size and folding style first before you can proceed to the design layout of your brochure. And as for brochures, you have bi-fold and tri-fold as the commonly used folding styles. While you have 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17, and 11 x 25.5 as the print standard sizes. Be sure to think about the amount of information you need to put on when choosing a size and folding style.

2. Prepare your Design Layout

Now that you have a brochure size and folding style in mind, it's time to make your design layout. Remember, your brochure should be attractive enough to make your audience interested in the services you're offering. If you wish to create an enticing brochure faster, use a ready-made design layout template. Check out these creative brochure templates, which you can edit and customize in Microsoft Publisher.

3. Compose an Alluring and Snappy Message

To entice your target audience to come and try your services, you need to come up with an alluring and snappy message. To do so, use power words like exclusive, discover, proven, inexpensive, and breathtaking. Also, you don't want your potential customers to get bored reading the printed brochure, so keep your words short and simple.

4. Provide the Essentials

It's important that you include photos of your services, so people know what to expect. Also, by adding high-quality photos, you'll bring colors to your brochure as well. Aside from that, provide the price list to give people an idea of how much your services costs. In addition, don't forget to add in your business logo and incorporate your business colors for branding.

5. Hand-out Digital and Printed Copies

Once you're finished, go back from the start and go through each detail to check if some errors and mistakes must be corrected. And once you're happy with the final output, make sure to download and print your elegant brochure so you can hand-out printed copies and send digital copies to everyone.

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