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How to Create a Blank Brochure in Apple Pages

A lot of people might overlook the use of brochures, especially if it is easier for them to go for something convenient. But while digital technology is a trend in marketing, it does not promise a lasting impression to readers. On the other hand, brochures remain unbeatable when it comes to promoting business. In fact, Statista reveals that there are almost eighty percent of entrepreneurs still used brochures as a significant part of their marketing methods.

In this brief article, we have provided useful tips to help you create a blank brochure that stands out amidst the competition.

1. Specify a Purpose for Your Blank Brochure

First off, think of a well-defined objective for your brochure. Is it used as a promotional tool for a product or service? Are you planning to create a travel brochure? Or, are you introducing a certain event? Having defined the overall intent of your material will help you formulate a relevant brochure content. Moreover, it will allow you to come up with suitable brochure design. Just a tip: Have a relevant objective—the one that attracts your target audience.

2. Get to Know Your Target Market

You create brochures for public consumption. Thus, it is important to know your target audience. Identify their demographics. Are they teenagers or adults? Are they students, workers, or a commoner? Whoever they are, focus your message to serve their different needs. Considering your target audience's demands is essential to catch their attention. With that, your material is proven to be effective.

3. Prepare a Persuasive Brochure Content

Writing content that truly benefits the readers is a challenging task in brochure-making. Thus, take your time to create a draft. First, collect the basic details. If you are creating a business brochure, include the name of your business or company, logo, a tagline, and a business address. Aside from that, present a summary of what your business is all about. Highlight the business' vision, mission, and goal. That way, readers will know who and what they are engaged to. Moreover, present a compelling headline. This phrase is a hook to draw potential readers to skim further. And direct your readers through a call-to-action statement.

Just a tip: Keep your headline and CTA short and simple yet powerful. It will allow readers to understand your message fully.

4. Format and Design Your Blank Brochure

Organizing the overall layout of your blank brochure is important to achieve a professional look. That is why strive for a design that will attract the reader's eyes. Start by picking a suitable brochure type. Are you opting for a gatefold, trifold, or a bifold brochure? Well, it depends on the length of your content. Utilize legible typefaces like serif fonts. Moreover, apply a color scheme that matches your business branding. That way, you establish an identity with the use of colors. Maintain balance; avoid overdoing these elements.

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