How to Create a Blank Calendar in Google Docs

Whether you need to set up an activity planner or just want a convenient way of finding out what day it is, having a calendar around can come in really handy when you least expect it. After all, as NASA describes it, a calendar is a timekeeping system that’s specifically designed for fulfilling societal needs.

Though, if you need a hand in composing your own blank fillable calendar in Google Docs, we have a few easy tips that you can read through just below!

1. Use a Grid Table

After opening a blank document in Google Docs, you should first lay down a table for your calendar’s main body. To add a table, click on Insert (found above) and then pick Table; go with 7 columns and 6 rows. You can resize each row/column by click-dragging any of the lines in the table; reposition the table by clicking on an empty spot just above it, then using Backspace and Enter to move it up or down respectively.

2. Write Down the Days and Dates

The next thing to do is input the contents of your calendar. In the entire top row of your table, write down each day within a week, starting from the left and working your way to the right; start with either Monday or Sunday as desired. Next, include the dates of the month by inputting them in the empty cells below the first row; be sure to match each date with the appropriate day of the week!

3. Include Other Information

Now, move the table lower on the page. In the new free space above your table, insert the month’s name; use large bold text and align it however you prefer. Besides that, you can use the space to add more content you might need in your document—your name, company logo, contact information, etc.

4. Finishing Touches

To make sure your blank calendar actually has fillable cells to write in later, keep the font size of the date numbers minimal and use Format > Align & Indent to position the date numbers to the side. You can also take advantage of coloring options for the table’s text and cells to make your calendar more readable and to give it a bit of life!

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