How to Make a Blank Invoice in Google Docs

As explained by The Balance (an online business-focused resource), invoices are imperative when establishing a deal between your company and clients. However, despite their importance, putting together commercial documents from scratch gets relatively tedious. Therefore, to cut down on the hassle, create a reusable blank invoice for faster document issuing is a must.

If you’re not sure how to make an invoice in Google Docs, then be sure to read our simple tips found just below!

1. Make Your Blank Invoice Look Prim and Proper

Be it a small business or a large corporation, your company’s paperwork needs a tidy look. So, before typing down anything, set up appropriate margins for bordering all of your written content. Within the Google Docs window, adjust your margins by click-dragging the blue handles and grey bars in the rulers (found above and to the left of your document space). An inch is an excellent go-to measurement for document margins.

2. Your Blank Invoice’s Title and Logo

It’s advisable that clients and other readers instantly know what the document is at a glance. In the invoice’s top section, add a primary yet informative title that describes the material in just a few words like “Construction Materials Invoice” or “Monthly Rent Invoice.”

This upper section is also an ideal spot to add a bit of flair. In one of the top corners, insert your company’s logo. Be sure that your image file has good visual quality.

3. Use a Grid Table for Your Blank Invoice

When listing down the due payments for your products or labor, take advantage of Google Doc’s Table function. To add your grid table, go to Insert > Table, and then determine the cell range by moving your mouse cursor.

Resize the cells by click-dragging any of your table’s lines. To reposition, click an empty spot just above your table, then use your keyboard’s Backspace and Enter keys.

4. Add Some Color to Your Blank Invoice

Colors go a long way in both looks and function. In your grid table, click one of the cells and then click the More button (shown as “...” at the top of the window). Then, open the Background Color menu (paint bucket icon) and pick your desired color. With the help of some careful coloring, your invoice design is easier to read while also more pleasing to the eye.

Did you take in all of our advice? With our handy tips, preparing a reusable commercial invoice is quick and easy! Plus, if you need some extra help, check out our editable Blank Invoice Templates!

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