It feels great to be prepared. The confidence we get from it is one of the most satisfying feelings. Instead of rushing to make decisions, we are definite with them because we have everything planned out. Want to achieve that feels? Make your own planner now by filling out our Blank Planner templates. These planner templates are available and editable in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages file formats. They are also printable in A4 and US letter sizes. Plan your day, execute your plans, and enjoy the fruits of your self-discipline. Don’t miss this opportunity for a change in your lifestyle. Start the change now!

How to Make a Blank Planner in Apple Pages

Planning things ahead can be the greatest gift you can give to yourself. There are sections of our lives where we have the key to the end result. Plans may not be followed as it is, but it brings a sense of peace in our minds. Psychology Today presents us with six advantages of using a planner every day. Benefit from these advantages by creating your own planner using the Apple Pages software and by following the guide steps below.

1. Set a Goal List

Jumpstart the planner with a blank list of goals. Layout an organized list by labeling them with categories according to their importance or priority. You can also label them specifically. For example, you are making a student planner. You can allot a space for the list of their assignments, projects, etc. If you are to make a travel planner, you can allocate a space for the list of things to bring. Have them planned out in the planner by providing a calendar of to-dos. This way, the person who will utilize the planner will be able to note deadlines or reminders that have specific dates of completion.

2. Organize a Schedule Plan

After knowing the things that should be done, the user of the planner should be lead to planning his or her schedule. Out of the to-do list, he or she will enumerate how will he or she organize his or her day to complete his or her tasks. Aside from the calendar, you can add a time organizer where every hour of the day is laid out so the user of the planner will be able to layout the things he or she will make throughout the day to be productive and make progress in his or her goals.

3. Include a Budget Planner

One of the subjects people don’t want to talk about is one of the most essential not just to fulfill tasks, but in life in general, money. Budget plans should be part of personal planners because our daily activities don’t just make up our day, but we also have an aspect of life called finances. Like the layout of the schedule, provide a space in the planner where the person who will avail it will identify his or her appropriate weekly or monthly expenses. The good thing about a planner is that it helps the person using it to become more responsible for himself or herself. Just like if you are making a meal planner, the user of the planner will become more resourceful in picking out healthy food options even with a tight budget. A good planner is the one that is complete.

4. Beautify the Planner

Even though the contents of the planners seem to be talking about serious matters, it doesn’t mean you should also leave the design of the planner simple. Yes, you can have it as simple as you want, but if you’re the kind that wants it to look cute for you to be more interested in complying with your rules in the planner, you can beautify it the way you like it. That is the beauty of blank templates because it makes room for your creativity to be unveiled. Make your own or have a ready-made planner with our beautifully-designed planner templates. They are editable in Apple Pages of any Mac device, so you can use Apple’s tools in modifying the planner to suit your preference. Save them now!

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