Receipts are one of the most essential business documents that companies, small businesses or established ones, should acquire. This document serves as proof that something has been purchased and is given to the buyer from the seller, as well as issued to business-to-business transactions. Receipts are also important for other reasons. This can be used by customers if they want to return or exchange an item. It can also be used for taxes since the IRS requires this specific documentation.

With all its value and importance, receipts should be properly made. Sure, these are only pieces of paper that contain information about the purchase transaction, but crafting a professional receipt from scratch is not that easy. It’s complicated and time consuming. That is why it is more ideal to make use of ready-made templates. With that being said, we offer you our full collection of printable and editable Blank Receipt Templates which are 100% accessible and downloadable using Apple Pages.

Our trove of competent and simple receipt templates can be used for various brands such as restaurants, medical clinics, hotels, construction, and a whole lot more. All of our efficient receipt templates contain premade layouts and formats, as well as beautifully crafted simple designs, which are fully editable and customizable using our new and improved editor tool.

Skip the hassle of crafting a professional receipt for your business and use one of our templates instead. Download now!

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