Now that you have successfully set up your business, you probably will be requiring a receipt template. If you were thinking of sticking to a generic one we highly suggest against it. Generic ones often get lost among the other receipts that a person collects and disposes in bulk, whereas well designed receipts serve as marketing material for returning customers. You can just check out’s sample receipts. You will surely find something that you like.

People generally tend to keep their receipt in their wallets and forget about it. After quite a long time when they do take it out of their wallet, they tend not to take a closer look at these receipts. That is mainly because they are all the same in their appearance. This is where a well designed receipt can turn the game. When something colorful and more importantly different paper comes into the person’s hand he takes a look at it and is reminded of this pleasurable experience. This is free marketing and an opportunity not to be avoided.

If you are afraid of using our templates thinking that you will end up having to learn a new interface just to produce a receipt let us assure you that we understand the issues you face. That is why we try to find solutions that you will actually enjoy. Hence we have made these templates compatible with Microsoft Word. That is because it is that one software that almost everyone is not only familiar with but also find it easy to use.

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