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How to Create a Blog Header in Pages

By the year 2020, the number of bloggers in the United States will possibly peak at a whopping 31.7 million. With more and more blogs created each day, how do you make sure that people would still look at your blog, follow you, or be interested in the services you are offering? Be it a lifestyle blog, travel blog, or personal blog, having an eye-catching header is crucial to attract potential clients or readers and gain a positive reaction from them. 

Create the best header for your blog today by following the simple steps provided below. 

1. Know which Audience to Target 

Your target market are the people whom you think would be interested in your blog. Start determining your target audience by identifying your existing customers and their reasons for frequently visiting your site. For instance, if you're a professional wedding photographer, then your target audience likely consists of couples. Aside from this, you also need to consider your leading competitors in the market.

2. Incorporate Photos

Headers with images get more views. Most aesthetically pleasing headers you can find on the web use photos as their background. Pictures alone are aesthetically pleasing, and incorporating these into your header can improve how your header looks. Additionally, this adds color to your blog for a more natural appeal. 

3. Incorporate Typography 

The text in your header has to stand out. Users will first look at the textual content of your blog for information, not your graphics. So, text and graphics should be balanced in creating your header. This is where typography comes in. Typography is adjusting the text within your design to create compelling contents. It sets the tone of your site and presents it professionally. Make typography a priority to gain more visitors for your website

4. Make it Simple and Minimal

Regardless if you want to achieve a girly, stylish, cute, or modern header, keep your design simple and minimal. Incorporate the graphics you wish to add, but don't overdo it. Especially when you already have a picture as your background, minimize the graphics for your blog header. Focus more on your text, as this needs to pop more than what is visible in the background.

5. Be Creative with Your Words

Blog headers only contain short and brief descriptions. Your header is where you brand your blog. You also provide a brief description of what your blog is all about here. Create positive and great impressions with your audience by using catchy lines for the header. Also, insert your logo here. For professionals who are looking to find potential clients, having a unique logo that catches the attention of people is crucial to gain more customers.

6. Add Your Social Media Accounts

Make your blog look more professional by adding in your social media accounts to your header. Your header is the most visible part of your blog, so adding your social media accounts there is a wise choice. For influencers or businesses, doing so allows you to advertise yourself and the company a lot more.