Does the thought of creating a space online excite you? If so, then you are probably tangled in the struggle of planning on creating a blog but don’t have enough knowledge about what to write. Now, remember, there are a lot of changes that’s been happening in the online community. Getting yourself into a successful blogging career does not occur in an instant. But it comes with excellent planning and goal setting. In helping you plan your content and objectives, we have Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed Blog Planner Templates in Pages that you can use. All files are available in (US) 8.5x11 and (A4) 8.7x11.69 Inches + Bleed. Whether you want to focus on food, business, or travel blog, always decide where you want to start. Download our template and plan your blogging path! 

How to Make a Blog Planner in Apple Pages

Blogging has been an essential medium for most people who loves to share their writing, photography, and tidbits of personal life. There are several reasons why people need a blog. It is an investment, while a hobby for some. But, blogging isn’t just about exposing random information about you and other matters. It comes with great responsibility, as well. Even if you are doing it for fun or the profit, you must avoid cluttering up your thoughts. You have to organize your ideas, schedule your posts, and know your content before publishing them. Remember, owning a website should not compromise consistency. Don’t be spontaneous, so you need the right tool that will guide you to flip through your schedules, priorities, and ideas. That is why in planning for your weekly and monthly posts, we help you make your own Blog Planner in Apple Pages.

1. Define Your Niche

How do you pick the right niche that works for you? In defining your niche, you have to know what interests you. Do you enjoy writing, traveling, or making crafts? Maybe, you enjoy eating? Know your passion. Then, identify where your strength is coming from. Generally, it all starts as a hobby, which will eventually get you far in the long run. That is where you can get the idea of choosing the right niche. Write down a few ideas. It will serve as your ultimate guide until the later steps. With the list you have, validate your final choice.

2. Outline Your Priorities

In defining your niche, it will help you come up with a list of priority. A guide to a successful blog starts with outlining what is essential for you and your readers. So, you have to think carefully. As much as possible, do your research about your target audience and readers. It’s easier to begin with an alphanumeric outline. You can create an outline to create subpoints through Roman Numerals, Capitalized Letters, or Lowercase Letters. Write down your main topic, introduction, content, and other additional details.

3. Choose a Planner Template

Now, don’t forget to pick the right planner you will be comfortable working on. Do you want the freedom to start from a blank document? Or do you want to save as much time as possible? If you choose the latter, our website offers a variety of Ready-Made Blog Planner Templates you can choose from. All you have to do is to launch your Apple Pages application in your Mac. Find the template in the My Templates category. Then, start editing it according to how you want it.

4. Plot Your Plans

Of course, plan your blog posts by securing a single page for a blog calendar. Write down your monthly sponsors, blog ideas, daily post topics, blogging to-do lists, daily goals, affiliate tracker, and other essential records. Always include a call to action. And leave a note section where you can write any reminders and conclusions.

5. Beautify It

People find motivation with a fancy looking planner. So, unleash your creativity by incorporating fun and eye-grabbing design elements. Play with color. But don’t overdo it. Keep it readable as much as possible. After all, distinguishing your plans is all that matters. Make the necessary adjustments with the font style and size. Don’t forget to observe consistency.

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