One of the best ways for a book to appeal itself to potential buyers is through its cover. If you're having trouble with that, then we at have exactly what you need! Our professionally made and beautifully designed business book cover templates are guaranteed to help you attract buyers into wanting what you have to offer. Know that they can all be opened and edited with every version of Apple Pages on Mac. Take this opportunity and start downloading them now or join any of our subscription plans to enjoy the benefits of all our high-quality templates today!

What is a Business Book Cover?

Book covers are meant to display images and very brief descriptions that provide readers an idea of what the book is all about. Know that a good cover is usually the best way to attract people into making a purchase, hence why many publishing companies focus their marketing strategies on it.

How to Create a Business Book Cover in Apple Pages

1. Learn How to Utilize Apple Pages

Before you begin, you'll want to learn how to utilize Apple Pages to effectively make your printable book cover. Know that you can only access the program with Apple-based products such as Macs, iPhones, or iPads. If you do not have an iOS device, then it's best to consider using an alternative program. As for knowing how to effectively use Apple Pages, know that you can look up online tutorials that can easily teach you what you need to know.

2. Understand the Book's Purpose

In order for you to come up with the best and most creative book cover possible, you should have at least have an idea of the contents of the book. Knowing the purpose of its contents will help you come up with a proper design. So let's say that you're making a cover for a cookbook. Who is the target audience? What type of recipes is the book focusing on? What does one hope to benefit from reading its contents? Its questions like that which you'll need to answer to better understand what your book cover should display.

3. Come Up With a Good Design

When you have fully realized what the book is all about, you may now focus on what the cover should look like. Are you making a photo book or a children's book cover? When choosing what image to use, remember that it should best represent the book's purpose and even its theme. You'll also want to consider proper spacing and alignment as there has to be enough space for information. Make sure that the image you'll be using is of high quality and resolution as you want it to look appealing to the potential buyer.

4. Place the Right Information

Make sure that the title of the book is properly displayed in an area that will quickly catch the attention of the reader. Be sure that it has a larger font size to further emphasize it. You must also consider providing a brief description or slogan. Lastly, you will have to place the name of the author as readers will definitely want to know who is responsible for the book's creation. Be sure that his/her first name, last name, and middle initial is written properly into the modern book cover.

5. Check for Any Mistakes

Before you start printing out the business book cover, you'll want to check if you made any mistakes. Check to see if you used the right image and that there aren't any spelling or even grammatical errors. As soon as you spot even the slightest blunder, you will need to correct it immediately.

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