How to Create a Business Book Cover in Microsoft Publisher

Book Covers are one of the essential elements of a book since they are the first thing that the reader will see. Even though there is a saying: don't judge a book by its cover, a beautifully designed cover still matters. Whatever the book is, may it be a business book or children's book, the cover page will affect the image of the book and will probably change the impression of a reader. Even if it is a physical book or an ebook (electronic book), a beautiful book cover design will affect the image of the book.

There are a lot of book cover creator sites emerging today, but to customize and make your book cover is awesome. Stop fretting since our website is here to guide you in creating a simple and classic designed business book cover.

1. Ask the Opinion of the Book Author

If the book cover that you will be making is for a client, it is better to work closely with them. With that, you will be able to ask questions and any particular suggestions on what they want their book cover will be. There is no other than the author himself/herself that knows the actual message of the book, so it is good to ask their opinion. But if you are the author yourself, try looking on some best business book cover samples online to have more ideas.

2. Plan your Design

Before you start to layout and design the book, it will be better to have a plan first to avoid wasting too much time. You can look for the covers of some best selling books or magazines cover to make you're planning a success. Draw a draft of your desired design, and to have more choices, do not stick to one draft only.

3. Use Microsoft Publisher

For a smooth editing process, use one of the popular editing software that is easy to navigate even for a beginner. It is highly recommended to use Microsoft Publisher since the software has buttons that are easy to familiarize.

4. Layout the Design and Size

Since you already have a draft of your desired design and software to use, start making the design and make it attractive using graphics that complement the book title and content. As for the size, you can choose from the most common book cover sizes such as 5" x 8", 5.5" x 8.5", and 6" x 9".

5. Insert Basic Information

Of course, any creative book cover design needs to have a few details on it. The book title and author are the most important. If you still have some space left, you can add the publishing company and a short description of the book. Do not forget to highlight and make the book title stand out.

6. Edit Minor Changes

After everything, review and edit some minor changes in case of errors. Avoid settling to one editing process only to make your editable book cover design attractive as what the author has imagined.

7. Print or Send a Sample

If you are making a printable book cover that is for a physical book, print a sample of your finish product and show it to the author or a few people for opinions. For an ebook book cover, send a soft copy and wait for reviews.

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