How to Create a Book Cover in Adobe Illustrator

If you're planning to make a cover for your book containing a lot of your poetry collection, you're in luck because we've got an entire list of instructions below. Simply refer to these instructions and do as you're told, and you're guaranteed to pull one off effortlessly.

1. Gather the Necessary Materials

A business book cover serves to build the reader's hype before they can even start reading the first chapter; it also serves to protect the contents of the book. Before you can start creating the book cover, make sure to gather all the materials that you may (or may not) need, it's better to always be prepared beforehand. And in terms of materials, make sure to invest in durable and high-quality ones to help your cover in protecting the book's contents.

2. Get Ideas from the Book's Content

In terms of the book's content, it is highly recommended (but not required) that you go through the book and get the gist of the story. Afterward, compile those ideas and use it to come up with the design of the book cover. As mentioned earlier, a creative book cover serves to build the readers' anticipation because it is meant to provide a summary or at least a taste of what the book is really about.

3. Create a Concept Cook Cover Design

By making an illustration on a sheet of paper, you can create a concept design of the book cover based on the ideas that you have gathered. If you need inspiration from books of famous authors, feel free to do so as long as you don't replicate their design and you still make your book cover original. If you're planning to go minimal, then you can also make a modern book cover that consists of typography or text.

4. Use Illustrator to Create the Actual Cover Design

The best thing about using Adobe Illustrator is that it enables you to edit and resize vector graphics without having to worry about losing quality. For this step, you simply need to open Illustrator, start a new project, and then create the actual book cover design based on your concept cover art. By using Adobe Illustrator, you're guaranteed to pull off an awesome cover for your book without having to break a sweat.

5. Evaluate the Book Cover's Design

Since people have their own preferences when it comes to designs, it is best that you seek their opinion before finalizing your book covers. After evaluating your own work, have it evaluated by someone else and ask for their opinion. If modifications need to be made, do it if you think it can actually help in improving the look of the book cover.

6. Get Your Book Cover Printed

Regardless if you're planning to print your photo book cover yourself, save it in a file format that's both shareable and printable. The most ideal file format to use here would be PDF since it is fully printable, it is capable of preserving the quality of your work, and it is compatible in most operating systems. Alternatively, you can also save your work in EPS, PNG, GIF, or JPEG, all of which are also fully shareable and printable.

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