How to Customize Your Book Cover Template with Apple Pages

By making use of Apple Pages, you can edit and add content to your new book cover template easily and intuitively. Not familiar with using Pages? No sweat, just keep reading on to follow our guide below and we’ll show you how it’s done!

1. Visit Apple’s Online App Store and Download

Spending cash on a subscription or license to premium software for editing the cover of your next novel or biography can cost you a pretty penny, and we know how off-putting that can be. However, with Apple Inc.’s Apple Pages program, you can get started and create your photo book covers for no charge!

With Apple Pages, you won’t need to worry if you might not have any preexisting experience with using art and illustration programs. Pages was put together to be easy to understand and user-friendly, making it suitable for anyone with whatever prior skill level to start getting into using the app! Not only is it available to download for free and use on your Mac, but you can even install it onto your mobile iOS devices, such as your iPad and iPhone so you can work whenever and wherever you need to!

2. Fire Up Apple Pages and Get a Feel for It

After you’ve paid a visit to the App Store and downloaded Apple Pages to your computer or mobile device, open the program and have a look through what it has to offer. You’ll quickly see just how much ease there is to navigate through its interface and use its different tools to put together your own custom book cover! Plus, with Pages available to use on your iOS device, you can take advantage of Pages’ compatibility with Apple Pencil, making it feel more natural to make changes to your creative book cover’s art.

3. Browse through Our Catalog of Ready-made Editable Templates

Have you gotten familiar with Apple Pages yet? Up next is to peruse our varied choices of free book cover templates and to pick out which design template best suits what you’re looking for. Whether you searching for an illustration with cute and simple vector art for a children’s craft book, or some classy photography of fine ingredients for a recipe book, there’s something for whatever artistic need you have to sandwich your pages between!

4. Get to Work in Apple Pages

When you’re done deciding on your choice from our collection of ready-made editable templates, download the file onto your computer or device and get those creative juices flowing! Our pre-made book cover designs come with sample text on them for you to alter and help get your imagination going. But, with the use of Apple Pages, you can do more than just change up the text; you can alter the graphic design itself to whatever you may need.

5. Don’t Forget to Save

Once you’ve finished making all the necessary changes to your template, just remember to save your work and your new modern book cover is ready for printing. Impress your readers with the help of Apple Pages and our selection of ready-made editable templates!

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