How to Create a Modern Book Cover Template in Adobe Illustrator

With the use of Adobe Illustrator and our collection of Ready-made Modern Book Cover Templates, you won’t break a sweat in crafting a professional book cover! And with our following guide, we can show you just how easy it is to do!

1. Subscribe to and Download Adobe Illustrator

Head over to Adobe Inc’s online store and you can subscribe to a reasonably-priced fee to start using Adobe Illustrator per month. Now, you’re probably wondering why you should bother shelling out cash for a subscription to access premium software when there are many other programs out there to edit your book covers with; some of those choices even being free, and that’s an understandable reason to help save money and spend more on your modern book cover design.

But, by subscribing to take advantage of Adobe Illustrator, you can expect the level of quality that Adobe Inc. has been praised several decades for by hobbyists and professionals alike. If you’re still not convinced, then experience Illustrator’s quality and efficiency in creating art for no charge by trying out Adobe’s free trial for seven whole days and without the need to use a credit card!

2. See What’s up in Adobe Illustrator

After you’ve visited the Adobe Inc. website and downloaded Illustrator onto your computer, open up the program and get familiar with what it has to offer.

At first, the user interface can look daunting to understand and navigate through, especially if you might be someone without any prior experience in using an art or design program. However, it only takes some getting used to before you become comfortable with its different tools and features, and to see just how much Illustrator is worth using to spruce up your creative book cover!

3. Take Your Pick from Our Catalog

Do you feel confident in using Illustrator yet? Now it’s time for you to pick out your desired printable book cover design template to lay each page between! Whether you want a simplistic vector illustration or some fashionable photography, we’ve got a variety of styles for you to choose from. We even have a selection of adorable art that’s sure to brighten up your readers’ day!

Our variation of ready-made modern book cover templates even comes with sample text already laid out upon it for you to edit however you wish and to help get those creative juices flowing.

4. Editing Your Cover Art in Adobe Illustrator

Now that you’ve had a look through our expansive line of book cover templates and downloaded your desired choice, our next step now is opening up the editable book cover template file in Illustrator and preparing your cover art for publishing; with Adobe Inc’s reputable brand behind it, Illustrator is up for whatever design or artistic task you may have for it to spiffy up your book cover template! Be it just editing the text or altering the graphic design, Illustrator’s capabilities are only limited by your imagination!

5. Make the Final Touches

When you’re done, don’t forget to save your work and the cover is ready for your book. With Adobe Illustrator and our ready-made modern children's or business book cover templates, you’re sure to impress your readers!

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