How to Make A Modern Book Cover in PSD

Whether you are making textbooks or young adult books, its book cover design is important. A book cover, after all, creates the first impression on would-be readers. You a modern book cover to not only be captivating but also informative.

How to do that? It’s simple. Just follow the book cover-making guidelines that we have set forth below.

1. Choose a Design Theme

When you decide that you want a modern book cover design, you still need to be more specific on what the cover’s theme should be. To illustrate, specify what kind of modern motif or theme you want. There could be minimalist modern design cover motifs. Or, you may go for a book cover mockup that features modernist paintings. The more specific your book cover design theme is, the easier it is for you (or your book graphic designer) to add design elements that depict your chosen theme.

2. Pay Attention to Typography

An integral part of any modern book or ebook cover design is its title. You need to use unique typefaces that will help tell your story. For example, Serif fonts have more uniform kerning and they exude a sense of elegance and mystery which makes it perfect for mystery and thriller books. And if you are creating a children’s book cover template design, San Serif fonts may work better for your printable book cover design since they are more playful and are less formal.

3. Add Relevant Illustrations or Images

Pictures and illustrations help shape the perception created by book cover. And a smart book designer or author should keep this in mind when designing a modern book cover. For instance, if you want readers to readily know what your science fiction thriller or fantasy book is all about, you may incorporate an illustration of how modern spaceships will look like in the future. This is just an example. Use your imagination when choosing pictures and vector illustrations for your creative book cover design.

4. Follow an Organized Layout

If a film poster sells a visual story, a book cover sells a written story. And to make both things work like graphic design projects, you need to follow a good visual hierarchy. This means that all the text (title and author’s name), images, background patterns, publisher’s logo design, blurbs, etc should be arranged in a logical and easy to read manner. Take a cue from some of the best book layouts in history to give you an idea of how to make your own modern book cover stand out just by applying the principles of layout design.

5. Don’t Forget to Write a Catchy Blurb

Whether you are a book lover or not, you will read a book’s back portion or blurb to know what it is all about. Therefore, to make sure that your modern book cover stands out, you must also create a compelling book blurb. Do not limit yourself by writing a 2-3 sentence elevator pitch of your story. Instead, come up with ways to make it even more enticing without spoiling the story. Also, in terms of designing the blurb and the book jacket template, you may use graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign.

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