Behind every book cover is a narrative the readers are yet to discover. Aside from the book’s pages, the most important thing a book must possess is an aesthetically pleasing book cover design. Here in, whether you are an aspiring author or an established writer, we have ready-made book cover templates for you! Regardless of the literary genre of your book, be it fantasy, romance, classic, etc., there is a template specifically tailored for you. The files are downloadable in several formats, including Adobe Photoshop. Plus, these templates are 100% customizable, printable, high-quality, and beautifully designed. With these templates, all you have to do is modify some details, and you’re good to go. Don’t miss this opportunity! Download a template for free!

How to Design a Unique Book Cover in Photoshop?

No matter how much people say not to judge a book by its cover, it is undeniable that one of the aspects we take into account when buying a book is its cover design. Just like a newspaper’s headline, the book’s cover is the first thing people set their eyes on—adults and children alike.

With over a million books published each year globally, publishers and authors make their best efforts to market their books. How about you? Do you want to create a modern book cover design that sparks interest to the readers? If so, follow the steps provided below, in creating your book cover.

1. Know the Story by Heart

All the elements you incorporate in your business book cover design must be anchored with the book’s story, genre, or central theme. That is why you should know the story of the book like the back of your hand. Also, identify the literary genre the book belongs to (e.g., novel, classic, romance, fantasy, sci-fi).

2. Use Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an editing software that allows users to manipulate images and create web graphics. Aside from that, the program also features a Type Tool enabling users to add text to their design. To start, open Photoshop and create a new file by clicking File > New > Blank File. After which, set the dimensions of the book cover—this depends on the actual size of your book. However, if you don’t want to start from scratch, you may download one of our ready-made book cover templates. We have every photo book cover template you need, whether you want a simple, creative, minimalist, or modern design. You may also refer to our templates for design ideas.

3. Remember the Cover’s Key Components

A creative book cover has three crucial components; the front cover, back cover, and spine. Make sure you have not overlooked one part of your design. The front cover usually contains the author, title, illustration or photo, and a tagline. For the back cover, you may include a book summary, endorsement, barcode, and price. You should also make good use of the little space the spine provides because usually, a book is placed on a shelf with a spine out.

4. Include Photos or Graphics

Attaching photos in your design helps create anticipation, mood, and expectation to the readers. Choose illustrations or photographs which lets the readers know what kind of adventure is waiting for them the moment they open the book. It is not necessary that you place a photo of the main character on the cover, it could be an art or an object which holds a great significance to the story.

5. Use Typography

Your design may be made up of black and white colors only, but with the right use of typography, it will surely catch the attention of many. Select a font style that will set the mood of the readers or which is directly related to the book’s content. Limit your font choices to three and avoid using decorative fonts that are hard to read.

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