If you are a busy person with a reading hobby then you understand the trials and tribulations have made time for reading. If you are looking for a way to organize your time for it then we got you just the right thing! Take a look at our selection of Free Ready-Made Book Planner Templates in Apple Pages where you can have a planner to organize your reading time. With its designs, you will be able to organize the books you want to read and plan a day where you can read all day long. With a convenient template, it is definitely a must-have for bookworms. Download now and fulfill your reading delights!

How To Make a Book Planner in Apple Pages

Whether by printed edition, e-books or audiobook, the consumption of books is still a thriving business to this day. As of 2019, printed books are still being purchased and read by around 67% of the United States. That doesn’t include the books that are being borrowed and passed around! People often tend to hold off reading a book so, with a book planner in hand, it often goes through and would lead to an even bigger amount of books being read. To start using your book planner, here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Make Checklists

You may use your book planner to make a checklist of things that you want to do regarding your reading hobby. For example, you can list out all the books you would like to read. You can also list books that you have borrowed and lent, to keep track of your library. Another way to make content for your planner is to create a calendar and schedule important dates for your hobby (such as book signings or the release date of a novel) and even allocate time (be it daily or weekly) to read.

2. Let's Be Creative

With our template's editable features you will be able to make your planner layout's design however you like it to be. You can incorporate your own personal style such as your favorite color, and your preferred aesthetics into your book planner and make it visually appealing. You can incorporate a bit of creative writing into the planner like including your favorite quotes and noting down original ideas. Doing so will make you more motivated to use the planner.

3. Keeping it in Order

Our book planner is perfect for those who are a bit of an organizer. Whether they are printable or oriented for students, they all allow our users a more organized design to keep track of their book-loving hobby. Things that can be done with a book planner is to organize things in the form of checklists, calendars, journal spaces, and even pages novel scene outline. When you organize it in such a way, it will be easy to go through them once you look through old entries in your planner.

4. Track Your Progress

Keeping your reading schedule up to date is one other way for your book planner content. Keeping a list of your progress in reading, makes you feel good. Examples of this include writing on the journal part of your planner or writing a summary of the book you have read. Tracking your progress in a personal manner can be rewarding and that small victory will give you the motivation to continue reading and indulge in your hobby.

5. Write Down Goals

Note down short term goals that you can accomplish for your book reading hobby. Whether you want to finish a certain book series, read an educational journal, or simply just get through a novel, adding a deadline can motivate you towards completing your goals. So, give a due date that will encourage you to get things done on time.

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