Bookstore brochures project a significant consistency with the products being advertised since it's print. However, creating one on your own might be quite challenging especially in the conceptualization part. If that's the case, then let us help you out. Utilize our beautifully designed bookstore brochure templates only here in These templates are easily editable in all file formats such as Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word (.doc), and Photoshop (.psd) with available sizes: (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed. Download these 100% customizable templates and quickly design your own bookstore brochure today!

How To Create A Bookstore Brochure?

Have you been to a book shop, in the library, in a convenient store, or any establishment where you can see brochures that market a bookstore and it's special offers? Well, that's what you called a bookstore brochure! A bookstore brochure simply lists down the details about the books being sold — especially the award-winning ones. These are typically seen on almost any establishment like in a University bookstore, Syracuse bookstore, Uni bookstore, student bookstore, or pretty much in all book warehouses worldwide and can be bi-fold or tri-fold. Similar to a library pamphlet, this kind of brochure aims to market books.

Similar to any type of brochure, you must create an engaging one. Confused how? Then here are the steps for you to learn how to create the most beautiful and effective bookstore brochures.

1. Check On Book Reviews

Since marketing your best books would make the sample brochure more effective, then it's best to check out some reviews of readers or simply buyers (per se). Checking out reviews not only ensure you pick the right books to display on your brochure, but it also ensures the marketability of your bookstore. In addition to ensuring market growth, you're also encouraging all individuals especially non-book readers to enjoy the pleasure of reading books.

2. Browse For Brochure Templates

Since we offer beautifully designed bookstore brochure templates, then you might as well take advantage of these. Choosing a template saves you time because creating a bookstore brochure from scratch consumes so much of your time. In addition, you'll also have problems with the consistency of your printable brochures with the books actually sold in your book shop. This means that the books advertised on the brochure might not be displayed on the shelf already.

3. Choose A Design Software

As you do, make sure to use the ones you are more familiar with so that you can finish your bookstore brochures in no time. It's pretty hard to use design software where you will still have to look up for steps on how to use it. Since you will make a printable business brochure for your store, then you might as well want to consider displaying the digital copies in an online bookstore or perhaps display along with cheap books online to attract the thrifty ones — it's like manipulative marketing.

4. Choose Your Layout

Since a bookstore brochure can be tri-fold or bi-fold, then use this opportunity to either choose which one or choose both; depending on your choice. However, choosing to create a bi-fold brochure ensures keepability because it's handier but if you want to make it bi-fold, then adjust the layout size of your brochure. Make sure that all the details as well as those in a smaller typeface, are readable.

5. Use Vibrant Colors

As mentioned, a modern brochure aims to market the books and the bookshop itself. Therefore, it's important to make it engaging. By doing so, make sure to use bright or vibrant colors because it will typically stimulate the minds of an individual and makes sure that they would really grab and bring it to their homes as a point of reference.

6. Pick A Theme

You may choose a vintage theme or make it modern and elegant, but just make sure it fits the personality of your target audience. If that's the case, then make creative brochures with varying themes. Upon doing so, you may choose a graphic design or a simple photo of the bookshelf or simply a photo showing a pile of your award-winning books. These books may include "Romeo and Juliet", "Divergent", "Blood In The Water" or you may also display the new arrivals and which are trendy. This way, your brochure serves its purpose — to advertise the bookstore and the best books in the market.

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