Branding is undoubtedly the heart and soul of making one business establishment stand out in the market. Considering the tough competition in the business industry, for sure, more and more business operators are looking for a way to improve their business branding. With this, you, as a brand expert, should take this opportunity in sharing your branding prowess through our Branding Lookbook Templates. Packed with high-end editable, printable, and downloadable features, easily create an alluring lookbook in just a few clicks. It's fast and ready-made for your use, we exclusively programmed these for you. Download now!

How To Create a Branding Lookbook in Adobe InDesign

There's no doubt that we are living in this era where we, consumers, are fed with multiple products and services. Well, this is already given, considering that our society is under the influence of commercialism. However, looking into the business' perspective, this kind of process is just a part of branding. In fact, Curatti suggests that business people should leverage branding, for it increases customer loyalty by ten times. On the other side of the coin, this is a great opportunity for you to showcase your expertise in handling business branding through a lookbook.

1. Know What to Display

Since you opt to display your branding-related outputs, you need to pick the best project that would highlight the content of your branding lookbook. In selecting your essential branding display, you still have to consider the objective of your lookbook portfolio. Maybe you aim to have a lookbook for minimal-themed branding or a general brand guideline lookbook. Regardless of the nature of your lookbook, make sure only to showcase relevant output.

2. Set a Lookbook Design

You cannot attract your potential audiences if your lookbook doesn't mirror an impactful aesthetic approach. Well, it would be ironic if your lookbook doesn't display an alluring impact, considering that you aim to craft a branding lookbook. With this, identify the right design scheme that fits your lookbook. If you've already picked a theme, then jot down the essential design elements that complete your lookbook's appearance, from the color scheme, font, or logo. Still, following your lookbook's aim, make sure that you select a relevant lookbook motif.

3. Formulate the Lookbook's Wordings

Given the fact that an average audience doesn't have a solid background on branding, providing thorough wordings that explains your lookbook's visuals is one of your priorities. Using a separate sheet, create first a draft that would encompass the content of your desired branding lookbook. Upon formulating your lookbook's content, you can choose to follow the wording format of a catalog. However, here's the catch: it is better if you keep your lookbook's details in a short yet concise tone. And instead of inserting walls of text, try to focus more on your lookbook's visuals.

4. Check Then Design

To secure a polished branding lookbook, garnering a time to proofread and re-check your lookbook's content is a must-do. Upon re-checking on your lookbook's content, make sure that every wording and design follows your acquired structure draft. If you have a detailed list of your lookbook's plan, take time to reassess if everything is in sync, from the design down to the content. Then, after your necessary review, you can now begin your design process with the use of your preferred app.

5. Opt for a Ready-Made Template

If you ever feel that creating one lookbook from square one is a hard task for you, especially if you don't have the right foundation in graphic design, then downloading a template file is your best alternative. We sorted above this article a wide array of Branding Lookbook Templates that you can choose to download. If you're looking for another kind of lookbook, we also offer lookbook templates, like fashion lookbooks, travel lookbooks, and lifestyle lookbooks.

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