Whether you’re the owner of a fancy beauty salon or running an outlet that sells furniture, an important step to marketing your business or services is to start off by getting out some promotional handouts to get the attention of potential customers. So, we’ve put together a large collection of professional Ready-made Advertising Brochure Templates for you to choose from and use for your needs! For your convenience, our designs are easy-editable and compatible with Adobe Illustrator. Each template comes in either bi-fold or trifold formats, with CMYK colors and 300 DPI resolution. Download now and get creative with your brochures!

How to Make an Advertising Brochure in Illustrator

If you need an effective way to create an advertising brochure of your own, then you can rely on Adobe Illustrator and our gallery of templates to provide you with such! We even have a simple guide below for you to follow if you need it.

1. Acquire a Subscription to Adobe Illustrator

To begin, you’ll need to grab yourself a registration to use Illustrator. If you go visit Adobe’s online store, you can find a selection of varying monthly rates for subscribing to. By signing up, not only can you get access to download and install Illustrator, but other software from Adobe too.

You might be considering other programs to use instead but, as a high-quality piece of programing from Adobe, Illustrator comes with all the tools you’ll ever need (and more) for sprucing up any brochure template to your heart’s content. You can have confidence in getting efficient and reliable graphic-rendering software when it comes to a top pioneer in computer technology like Adobe. And if you’re still not convinced about Illustrator, you can simply take advantage of Adobe’s free trial offer to try out their products for a whole week without the need for a credit card, which will let you start editing your brochure templates before having to commit to a subscription yet!

2. Download and Install Adobe Illustrator

So, now that you’ve got yourself access to use Illustrator and have it installed onto your computer, it’s time for you to see just what the software has to offer you. It’s important that you get comfortable with what you’re working with before actually jumping into editing your template, so go through the user interface for now; you’ll see the blank canvas taking most of the space in the middle with the different tools accompanying it in the window. You don’t need to feel intimidated by what you see if it’s you’re first time handling an art and design program since you’ll just need enough proficiency for the purpose of creating a beautifully-designed brochure.

3. Browse Through Our Gallery of Templates

Once you’ve grown familiar enough with using Adobe Illustrator, it’s time to look through our expansive catalog of Ready-made Advertising Brochure Templates and decide on which sample you might need for the job. Whether you’re running a relaxing spa or a summer camp for kids, you can count on our templates to come through for you!

4. Download Your Design and Get to Work

Did you decide on a template yet? After you do, just download your file and open it up in Illustrator to get started on editing your brochure. Our templates come with placeholder text and pre-rendered graphical designs that you’re free to alter however you need and to help you get started. And remember that, with Illustrator, not only can you edit the text but also the design as much as you’ll need to.

5. Always Remember to Save!

When you’re done with editing, save your changes and you’re brochure is ready. Be informative with style by using Adobe Illustrator and our Ready-made Advertising Brochure Templates!

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