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How to Create Agency Brochures in Microsoft Word

An agency is a business that provides services and organizes transactions between two or more parties. Agency may refer to real estate agency, land sales agency, travel agency, design agency, branding agency, and so on. To create an agency brochure, you need to research on essential pointers, creative imagination, and the steps below:

1. Purpose

Before you start planning your agency brochures, you should come up with a purpose of why you are making one. What was it that you want to achieve through a catalog? Why would your customers need a brochure? Is it to show a portfolio of works or advertise a service? Create a vision of what your brochures will bring for you at the table. To set your purpose whether you will need the printable brochures or not, you can discuss this with your marketing team, your partners, or even your clients. And if you have decided that you do need them for your marketing needs, then it is time for you to plan the designs and what you should need to include aside from contents.

2. Start a Draft

When you start your draft, make sure that you are aware of how colors work, where you should be inserting images, and what kind of contents should be written. In your draft, decide how your layout should be. Either you can emphasize on pictures or play with words instead.

For example, when making a travel agency brochure, you can work around both ways. You may enlarge photos of the best destinations in the world, the tourists that had availed of your services, or the tour packages you offer. If you are working in an ad agency, your advertising brochures can introduce to them a short profile of the company, what its offering and the various services other companies had availed from them. You can also decide here whether you want to do a bi-fold, tri-fold, or just a single-paged brochure. The trick is to engage your customer's interests so be unique.

3. Keep Your Fonts Simple

You like to try typography and exaggerating calligraphic fonts to make that creative brochure design artistic. However, do not go overboard. If you can, use only fonts known to your brand. You can add another but make sure it will not cause the brochure to look messy and chaotic. Your clients will lose interest quickly the moment they see something that could confuse them instead of earning their delight.

4. Use Simpler Words

It is called a brochure for a purpose, not a dictionary nor an almanac. Provide words that readers can understand easily. Include information relevant to the company, but not the whole of it. For example, when running a tourism agency, instead of naming all the countries in the world where you extend your services, why not write the name of the continents? Customers will ask you to specify the "where" when they call you. Do not cram too much information in the travel brochure.

5. Play with Colors and Images

If you want the professional approach for your business brochures, you can go for colors like gray, whites or black. If you're going to go colorful, choose one or two colors to be consistent. For your images, place only photos that are relevant to your business. Do not use pictures that have no relation to your company at all. Now, start your designs using an editor that can help you make an effective brochure. You can try Microsoft Word if you are not familiar with any.

6. Print

Are you done with the steps above? You're ready to print your brochures! You can also save what you've made online, so you could have a copy in case you have no on-hand printable brochure templates available.

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