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What Is a Business Brochure?

A business brochure is most commonly referred to as a company brochure or corporate brochure. Business industries used this type of brochure to highlight and promote the company’s benefits, services, and products. Business brochures commonly come in two types such as the tri-fold and bi-fold brochure. Nevertheless, a brochure is what brings a company to a lot of opportunities.

How to Make a Business Brochure in Apple Pages

You may want to consider the tips below as you make your own business brochures in Apple Pages. We’ve provided you a wide selection of the best editable brochure templates that you can download straight from our website, they're truly something that you can take pride in marketing your company’s products and services.

1. Define the Objectives Clearly

The answer as to why you’re making a business or company brochure is what will guide you to define your clear objectives. The purpose is important when making a brochure because that’s where the objectives come forward. Put yourself in other people's shoes and identify why you need to read the content of the brochures. From there, you can start figuring out your objectives.

2. Choose Your Templates

Business brochure templates are made ready and convenient for you so you can start creating your own brochures without going through too much hassle and stress. Choose the ones that best fit or represent your company’s profile and objectives. Professional Brochure Template and Sales Tri-Fold Brochure Template are just two of the numerous brochure templates you will find on our website. Have the freedom and luxury to pick from those and download one or all for free.

3. Keep the Content Simple

Advertising brochures will be distributed to the public so long as you’re done editing and printing them. One best way to really sell your product or service effectively is to write simple yet compelling content. As you construct your personalized brochures, always take into consideration the readers. Make it easy for them to understand what you are trying to say. In that manner, they will pay interest to what you are marketing through your brochures. More so, simple sentences give literal yet clear descriptions of your products; therefore, it communicates well to your clients.

4. Impress Them

Interest usually comes when clients are impressed with your business products or your creative brochure design. As much as you can, always give people the best first impression when looking at your brochure to really make an impact. Consider the type of clients that would be interested in accepting and reading your brochures. Oftentimes, new products would require brochures with an amazing design, so have the freedom to make use of your creative side.

5. Best Photos

Consider using great photographs to insert in your brochures. High-quality pictures would certainly make a big difference, but the size would depend on whether you opted for a bi-fold or tri-fold type. Also, make sure that the photos relate to the product or service that you are trying to sell and not the other way around.