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How to Create Christmas Brochures in Apple Pages

Christmas is one of the seasons that's very close to the hearts of everyone. As soon as the Halloween season comes off, you can see the street and the shopping malls filled with festive green and red colors. Business sectors are also preparing to develop marketing strategies to boost their year-end sales. Whether you've been planning for a long time or not, now's the moment to begin your Christmas marketing. Printed brochures are one of the factors influencing business marketing since they are low cost and super-efficient marketing instruments that can be used to increase Christmas sales.

Listed below are some steps on how to create a creative Christmas Brochure design using Apple Pages that is perfect for your company. Here's how:

1. Use Apple Pages as your Editing Tool

Apple Pages lets you create amazing documents. Using a PC, Mac, iPad, or iPhone, you can add illustrations and design well your Christmas Brochure. So, don't waste a minute and start downloading Apple Pages in your online devices to assist you with the whole process of brochure making for the Christmas celebration.

2. Design or Download a Christmas Brochure Template

Start by scanning the templates offered here in our site. We offer you an elegant editable, printable and downloadable flyer templates that you can choose from. Just select the brochure template that you like then edit and replace it with the content you want to include using Apple Pages. Or if you don't prefer to download marketing brochure templates, then start by creating a blank page if you have a well-considered plan in mind.

3. Plan the Layout

A layout is a significant initial guide to determine the position of text, pictures, or other aspects of design. Plan the layout well, the flyers design and also the type of format you want to achieve, whether you will be using the bi-fold or tri-fold format for your Christmas flyer or brochure. Aside from that, you must apply the appropriate background for your brochure. Bear in mind that the correct background can add more energy. Apply strong color, gradient color, preset pattern or your own picture as a background, depending on your brochure's overall style.

4. Add the Content

Now that you already have the design and the format you need for your Christmas leaflet, it is now the time to think about the content you want to include. Always bear in mind that when you create a product or service brochure, you are the one controlling the flow of information. The material content has to be organized perfectly. Create content that is popular for the children since the Christmas season is also a time for them.

5. Insert High-Quality Pictures

In promoting your Christmas brochure, you may insert Christmas pictures since pictures are proven to be more influential compared to texts only. Insert eye-catching high-quality images so that it will make your brochure stand out.

6. Print the Christmas Brochure

If you follow all the five easy steps that were discussed above, your brochure is now ready for printing. Use high-quality paper or cardstock in printing so that the quality won't be ruined. Distribute it to a place where there are many people such as a church, Christmas concert or malls and greet them "Merry Christmas" to uplift their mood. You may also post the Christmas flyer or other holiday template designs on your website to attract and gain more customers to avail of the product or services you are promoting for the Christmas event.