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How to Create a Creative Brochure in InDesign

Want to get over with your basic and simple brochure and start to take an artsy level in crafting your brochure? Well, the creative brochure is your great alternative. Whatever your purpose may be- be it for business marketing or introducing your company, you certainly need a medium that will help you attract readers to convert customers. According to U.S. statistics on brochure implementation, 79 percent of responding small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners said they had already been using flyers and brochures as part of their marketing activities.

Creating your creative brochure can be done in many ways. But to be particular, launch InDesign. It is a useful and efficient software application to craft flyers, leaflet, brochures, magazines and many more. It is a trusted tool since it is used by graphic designers, artists, publishers, and marketing professionals.

With the use of InDesign, consider these helpful tips to nail your creative brochure.

1. Determine the Purpose

To create an effective brochure, one of the important objectives you need to consider is to determine the purpose. Are you selling, persuading, or simply informing the readers? Knowing the purpose or approach can be more efficient and clear. Avoid producing a generalized creative brochure. It will only lead to a boring moment for your readers. Identifying the purpose first will help you come up with design ideas that you may incorporate into your creative brochure.

2. Select a Brochure Type

Before you lay out all the content into your brochure template, make sure to pick the right brochure format or type. Fold brochures like bi-fold, tri-fold, accordion fold, gatefold, and the like can be your choices. Just remember, select the one that will surely help you deliver the intended information.

To design a creative brochure, you may opt to use a die-cut, Z-fold brochure type. This kind of brochure is used in corporate events and booth handouts to attract individuals and encourage them to stop by. The eye-catching vibe of this type comes in many forms and styles.

3. Write the Content

If you are wondering how to write brochures, use simple statements. Avoid featuring too many topics in one brochure. Since a brochure can be used to highlight your overall offerings, it's often good to have multiple brochures. It is best to have a brochure for each individual product or service.

4. Download a Pre-made Creative Brochure

Not confident enough to show off your own creative brochure design? Don't worry, Template.net got your back. Check out this website and look for the right one that fits your needs. Simply, edit and customize the chosen creative brochure template in InDesign. Make it as your inspiration and you may add your personal touches to make it your own.

5. Recheck your Work before you Print

Details you put into your creative brochure will be read and seen by many people. So, before you hit print, make sure that your contents are free from errors. Re-read and let a friendly critic from others improve certain areas. After that, print it using high-quality and affordable paper stock.

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