Quite stressed with how to create your promotional materials? Well, we've come to help you out! Our beautifully designed editable brochure templates in Apple Pages have been created to give you an array of options when creating promotional brochures. Our templates are downloadable, and you can open and edit these templates in any versions of Apple Pages. You can change the overall layout to suit your preferred style and format because it is 100% customizable. You can also easily add your official logo and incorporate your whole brand identity in just one go. Whether printing commercially or at the comforts of your own home, our templates are flexible enough to fit snugly any size and fold that you prefer. Download our editable brochure templates in Apple Pages now!

How to Create an Editable Brochures in Apple Pages

A brochure is a paper document that can be folded into a leaflet or pamphlet. Brochures are usually used to inform, advertise, and to promote a company, product, or event. Companies or agents give it to people who they target as a customer or someone might be interested in their event. Brochures are used for businesses, schools, and even medical health cares. It can be used by everyone as long they want to promote and advertise something. Creating a brochure needs a lot of creativity to make your brochure unique and stand out. That will not be a problem since our templates will be a big help and we have prepared steps below that you can follow.

1. Know your Purpose

You cannot start designing your brochure if you do not know what the goal of your brochure is. Once you know the purpose, it will be easy for you to start the layout, design, and to insert the contents in the brochure. The goal can be for a school project, engineering, or anything. You can easily distinguish your brochure-type when you know your purpose of making.

2. Do Research

When you already have determined the purpose of your brochure, it is time for you to research to have insights on what to do, to make your brochure useful. Doing research will give you data about the preferences of your targeted customers. This will make your brochure more productive and make your advertising and promotion successful.

3. Decide the Brochure Fold and Size

There are a lot of brochure folds and sizes that you can choose. Some of them are a half-fold brochure or bi-fold, trifold, Z-Fold, and Gate Fold brochure with a size of 8.5” x 11”. Gate Fold, Accordion Fold, Double Parallel Fold, and Parallel Map Fold has a size of 8.5” x 14”.

4. Insert Content

The content needs to have complete details about your company, product, or event. It needs to be informative and enticing to pique the interest of your possible customer. Do not forget to include your contact information in case they still have questions; they are willing to make a deal to you or attend your event.

5. Layout the Brochure Design

Coming up with a brochure design may be difficult, but you want to make it look as attractive as possible in order to attract your target audience. Your brochure will be boring and will not be eye-catching if it will be plain text only. Insert high-quality images in your brochure that are related to what you are advertising. Use fonts that are readable and that complements the design of the brochure. Do not use colors that are irritating to the eye. To have easy editing, use Apple Pages since the software has an easy button to navigate.

6. Print Using Cardstock Paper

Check to see that you're brochure is printable by saving it in the appropraite file format. In printing, it will be better if you let professional printing business do the printing because they know how to print your brochure very well. If you want to do the printing by yourself, use a cardstock paper because it is perfect for brochures.

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