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What Is a Brochure?

Like flyers, pamphlets, leaflets, and circulars, a brochure is a typical marketing material that businesses and companies use to support in promoting a particular product or service. A brochure, or sometimes referred to as a booklet, with the other printed promotional materials, assists in making a business known and widely distribute this in a public place. Because it is inexpensive compared to advertising in magazines, companies print brochures in bulk numbers.

How to Make an Elegant Brochure

There are many ways to start crafting a brochure. It may take you a while to get the hang of it, but looking at the bright side, making a brochure is a task that's easy to learn. You need to prepare a few things, especially the best word processing application that you can find. If you haven't tried making brochures before, look for inspiration or a beginner's tips in brochure making. The Internet will never run out of brochure ideas for brochure layout and design.

Additionally, as you make a brochure, whether it's bifold or trifold, don't solely focus on its layout and design because the content plays a very significant role as well. So what are you waiting for? Get all your stuff as we will start making an elegant brochure. Here's a list to guide you in making a brochure in Apple Pages.

1. Use Apple Pages as a Word Processing Tool

If you are a Mac user, you will have an Apple Pages for free. Use Apple Pages as your word processing tool in crafting the elegant brochure because it is very user-friendly. This software has a clean interface that allows the user to access function buttons so you can work seamlessly. Along with Apple Pages, you can use Microsoft Word as well since both file formats are compatible with each other.

2. Make a Draft of Your Brochure; Outline the Ideas

Before you start establishing the content of your brochure, outline your topic. There are so many subjects that you can talk about using a brochure. It could be for entertainment, or you could talk about a particular subject that's close to you. When you outline the ideas, start from your main idea and trim it down to smaller subsections. In this way, you can break down your thoughts and stitch them back as you begin the actual brochure in a more organized way.

3. Download a Creative Brochure Template

You can begin the actual brochure from scratch, but crafting it with the help of a template will give you a head start. With a template, you will not have a hard time figuring out where to start since templates come in with suggestive content that you can customize however you want. Now that you know how important it is to have a template, pick the brochure template that you like the most or the one that will fit perfectly for your subject.

4. Fill In Your Brochure Template; Edit as Well

Then start filling in the creative template with relevant information. The information needs to support the main idea and the sub-ideas it follows. The default content can be customized accordingly. Change the layout and design if necessary, and you can be creative with that.

5. Make Everything Correct; Start Proofreading

Your brochure is not complete without proofreading it. Back read the content and look for misspelled words or incorrect information. Correcting your brochure will make it look professional. Sloppy brochure tends to put down your readers and that is the last thing that you want especially in business.

6. Print Your Brochure; Distribute the Brochure

Finally, now that your brochure is complete, you can print one sample before printing in bulk numbers. If it looks like how you envisioned your elegant brochure, then it is ready to be published in numbers. After producing several copies, distribute the brochure, preferably to potential clients in public places.

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